Simple Note is Now Available for Android Devices

Simple Note is a popular note taking application for iOS and Mac devices. It is a simple application, which supports only the plain text but helps you organize and sync your notes between different devices. Before, you can sync the notes only between iOS and Mac devices. Now the application is available for Android, so you can easily sync your notes to all your Android Smartphones and Tablets. You may think how a plain text note taking can help me ? Actually, an important highlight of the application is, it is really fast and quickly sync between all your devices.

Another advantage of the application is, it is very easy to use. It doesn’t have any options you can’t understand or complex steps to sync the notes. With just few taps, your notes will be available on all your devices. It is a free application and you can download it from play store using the link below.


Once you install the application, you can either sign in to your Simple Note account or create a new one. You can still use the app without an account but you can’t sync the notes between different devices. So once you sign in to your account, all the notes will be synced to your new device automatically. To create a new note, tap the “+” button on the top of the home page. Also there is a search button to quickly locate the notes you need.


After you create a note, you can see a blank space with a circle in the top of the notes. The circle button is to pin notes in the application. If you have an important note and you need that to be on the top of the list, just tap the circle it will be pinned in the top. So all your saved notes will come next to the pinned notes. Tagging is an excellent feature in the application. Apart from normal tagging, you can tag an email id of a person to send that particular notes to them. All your tags will be available on the swipeable sidebar.

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You can add any number of email ids to the tag space and send that notes to different people. Also you can use this features as a backup for all your notes on the application. Inside notes there will be share button on the top of the menu. You can use that to share the notes using different apps installed on your device. All the deleted notes will be available on the trash, you can restore them anytime you need. If you don’t want those notes, clean the trash to delete them forever.


We have plenty of excellent note taking apps like Evernote, Google Keep, Wunderlist, etc., this Simple Note will be helpful for people who are not much exposed to technology. All the options  are simple and easy to understand. So if you are looking for a simple app to take notes, then Simple Note app is a best choice. Give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Simple Note for Android



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