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There might be barely anyone left who is not hooked to some online tv series or movie franchise. Many of us like to binge watch stuff TV shows like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, or movies like all MCU titles, etc. There are various different ways to watch this content online but as the content is copyrighted, the user must pay some fees as a subscription to watch them on services like Netflix or Hulu. But that is not the whole story. There are literally hundreds of websites which stream this content for free illegally and one can not resist to chose these websites. These websites are dependent on the pop-up ads and click baits. Watchfree.to is one of such websites.

Blogsdna.com strongly condemn piracy and illegally downloading or watching of copyrighted content. The following article is education purpose only.

What is WatchFree.to?
Watchfree.to homepage

Watchfree.to is one of the many free copyrighted content streaming websites [illegal]. Watchfree.to is quite popular among the viewers because of its simplistic user interface and server availability. This website has been hosting copyrighted content for free for more than 5 years. These websites are dependent on ad-revenue and affiliate marketing.

Browsing the website is quite simple. On the homepage. it will display popular movies and TV show banners on the top of the page. You can simply click on them to get to the streaming page. All the content is available in 3 basic qualities – 360p. 720p and 1080p. User can select the quality according to their bandwidth. There is also a search option provided in the top right corner where you can search your favorite Movie/Tv-show. You can create a free account on the website so that you can keep track of your watching history and get notified for the new releases.

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is Watchfree.to Legal?

The answer to this question cannot be a straight yes or no. Instead, it lies in the grey area. According to the digital content law, any/all distribution of copyrighted content is completely illegal and the owner of the content can file a lawsuit against such websites. But that does not make the website illegal to the end user. As the end user is not distributing or downloading the content himself/herself, the popping ads and the spyware are the only things user should worry about. There is nothing to worry on the user side yet.

Why Watchfree.to is Blocked/Not Working

There are multiple complaints being registered against these websites on a regular basis. Hence, the owners of such websites host the site on multiple domains at once. Currently, if you try to access watchfree.to, you will receive a message saying “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.” This means that the website domain watchfree.to is currently blocked in India. It does not mean that the website is entirely inaccessible.

How to Unblock/Access Watchfree ?

It is quite easy to access blocked website. There are multiple methods that you can follow to get on the blocked website.

1. Use a Proxy Domains

As mentioned above, the free content website always runs on a backup domain in case the primary domain gets blocked or taken down. These domains are quite easy to find out. All you have to do is simply search the website on Google instead of putting it directly into the address bar. The google results will include the currently online domain at first. If that does not work, you can simply search proxies for any website on Google.

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As of today, watchfree.to is blocked in India, so the users have to access the website through a different domain. The currently online domain for the website is “watchfree.su”. The interface on this domain might seem a little different for those who are regular users of watchfree.to but don’t worry. There is an option provided on the front page as “Use the old WatchFree? click here”. You can simply click on that button to get the old Watchfree interface which you are familiar with.

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2. Use VPN to access WatchFree

If the above method fails for you, you can simply enable a VPN service to hide your IP location and access the website directly. As the website is blocked in India, you can use the VPN to mask your IP address as a US IP address and access the website without any hassle. Once you have access to the homepage of the website, simply head over to your required Tv-show episode or movie with the VPN turned On. Once you have reached the streaming page, you can turn off the VPN to gain your full bandwidth while streaming. It is highly unlikely that any other page of the website except the homepage will be blocked. Hence, you can watch the stream with VPN turned off.

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5 Best Watchfree.to Alternatives

If you still cannot access watchfree.to, we will recommend that you take the following websites into consideration as a replacement for watchfree.to. Almost all of these websites utilize the same non-affiliated third-party servers for the content. Therefore, you will not notice any lack of content on any of these websites as compared to watchfree.to. All of the websites provide an account based tracking system so you can sign-up on any of these websites to keep track of your viewing experience.

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These are some free alternatives to watchfree.to:

1. Newmoviesonline.tv

newmoviesonline.tv is a great replacement for watchfree.to. newmoviesonline.tv is an online source for finding great quality streams of Movies and Tv-shows for free. This website has a huge collection of content. Anything from the 90s classic movies to recently released action films can be found on the website. It also provides a genre-wise classification of content so that you can easily find out your desired stream.

2. Thewatchseries.to

This is a website which focuses on the tv-series only. You will probably not find any movies on this website. This website has a huge collection of Tv-series. Full-length seasons of Tv-series can be binge-watched on this website easily. The user interface of the website is a little old-school but it is quite fast and clean.

3. 123movies.to

123movies is basically a mirror website to watchfree.to. The user interface is entirely similar to that of watchfree.to. Currently, 123movies.to is also blocked in India so you must use a proxy address of the website to access it. The online proxy of the website is “http://is123moviesfree.com”

4. Solarmovie.co

Solarmovie is a little different as compared with the websites mentioned above. Solarmovie provides links to download or stream the content online instead of streaming it on their own page. This website is trusted by thousands of regular viewers. You can use this website if you want to download the content instead of streaming them.

5. Teatv.xyz

Teatv is a name which has received huge popularity in recent years. Teatv is great with the new releases. You can find a movie or a Tv-show episode after 1 day of its release on Teatv. Teatv also has an android application which you can install in your device to access the content directly on your cell-phone.

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Blogsdna.com strongly condemn piracy and illegally downloading or watching of copyrighted content.



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