10 Best VPN For Torrenting [Updated 2020]

Best VPN for Torrenting

Have you been looking around for the best VPN for torrenting? Sounds like a new term to you? If you are into watching movies and series, you would know the primary usage of the Torrents and best torrent websites. Many people have this overview idea of what torrenting is, but not many are well versed with it. Even if you are, chances are that you might necessarily not know the best VPN in 2020 for availing this service altogether. If you are in a similar boat, don’t worry, we do have it covered for you completely.

In here, we are going to be sharing of the best VPNs that one can use for their torrenting purposes. Condoning copyright trampling acts is not something we do abide by but your safety is quite important to us, which are the reason why we are sharing an extensive report on the top VPN for torrents that you can use to get your movies and multimedia downloaded easily.

#What is a Torrent?

When it comes down to explaining what Torrent is, the answer might end up being complicated at times. For the most part, a torrent is a file which consists of metadata acquiring all the essential information for the download purposes.

The majority of the torrent files do come along with an extension of .torrent but lacks the actual content that one is seeking for download purposes.

The acquired information from the Torrent file is predominantly put into any of the BitTorrent software which then reads it and then allows the users to download the files effectively onto their personal computers.

While this has streamlined the process of downloading various forms of multimedia, it has also caused chaos. The process of downloading through BitTorrent is so easy that it often makes the users end up downloading copyrighted files without them being aware of it.

This act is often illegal in a number of countries, but some of the countries have legal torrent downloaders to ensure that everything is done legally.

#What is Torrenting?

Now that we have discussed what a Torrent is, it is time to discuss about the process involved.

Torrenting is a process by which the users enable a peer to peer file sharing and transfer protocol. Under this, various users can simply just connect and share the content without complete reliance on just one source of download.

While the process is often considered to be easier for torrenting, it is not that safe if the precautions are not taken. Given the fact that multiple unknown users are using the same platform and the file, chances are that there could be risks of theft and virus infestation to your computer.

It is mandatory and highly recommended to use VPN during torrenting to keep your IP address concealed from any kind of possible threat from outside. Choosing the best VPN for the process is not an easy task at all and does take up quite a lot of work and effort. In order to ensure seamless torrenting, it is always best suggested to be cautious while choosing a VPN network.

#What are the problems of downloading Torrents?

As mentioned before, since this is a peer to peer downloading process, it is often possible that there could be potent threats in the process.

Apart from the common threat and risk of getting your security and privacy of the computer trampled, some of the other kinds of problems that many often face are the problem associated with the troubleshooting problem.

Owing to the ease of the download process, many people also often end up downloading files that are copyrighted and are not meant to be downloaded illegally. It is always best suggested to opt for the ones that are legal and won’t end up projecting you to any kind of legal ramifications.

#What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, which is often termed as VPN, is a collaborative service which lets you get direct access to the web and the network privately without disclosing out any of your server and online activities that you have indulged in.

It is quite important for using a VPN while torrenting because of the fact that it helps in keeping your computer and credentials safe and away from any kinds of threats whatsoever. This also means you can use VPN to unblock youtube or watch age restricted videos.

#How does VPN work?

In order for you to understand this a little better, we have sub-divided the overall process of how VPN works into a simple step by step guide.

  • Firstly, the user starts off the VPN software from the VPN service
  • This software works swiftly to simply conceal and encrypt your data before the service provider or the connected LAN gets access to the information.
  • The online location you are accessing then judges that the information accessed is the one from the VPN service provider and not actually from where you are accessing it

#Why use a VPN while torrenting?

This is one of those questions that many people tend to ponder upon. The main reason why a user needs to and must use VPN is that of the fact that they need to secure their credentials that they are accessing from their systems.

Given the fact that torrenting includes sharing of files amidst multiple users at one go, it is not surprising that it is necessary to ensure that one is not disclosing their actual user footprint while accessing the information on the Internet.

#Are all torrent VPN services good?

Now with the basics discussed, it is time we discuss why trusting every single one of the torrent VPN services is not really ideal.

Much like how the other users in the peer to peer contact have the potency of turning out to be a complete douche, there are chances that the VPN services can turn out to be futile as well.

It is always best to ensure that you check and cross-check some of the most crucial prospects associated with the torrent VPN services before jumping headfirst into availing the services of one.

#Things to consider before buying a VPN

As mentioned before, much like how one tends to consider every prospect before buying anything, the same goes out for the torrenting services too.

There are a few factors one needs to consider and they include:

  • Speed

The very first and the most important thing to look out for is the speed. No one likes to connect with services with a sluggish connection. The main aspect to look out for in this is to look out for stable and fast access. Having multiple configurations for different kind of purposes tend to ensure that you do have versatile speed while you are downloading any file.

  • Security

Privacy is actually one of the most important aspects to look out for when it comes to buying a VPN for your torrenting purposes. While lightning fast speed is actually one of the primary reasons to look out for is to have a safe VPN connection with good encryption. Make sure to look out for the features that would ensure a safe connection with the minimal amount of risk. No logs along with anonymity policies are a must when it comes to getting a VPN connection.

  • Accessibility

Next on the list is the accessibility. The last thing you want is a VPN which has a limited reach. If you are using VPN on the constant go, it is important to opt for the ones which have better accessibility across multiple countries around the globe. A high-quality VPN service does ensure that you can connect to the services from anywhere across the globe.

  • Easy usability

Next on the list of things to look out for while getting a VPN service is the usability of the platform. The last thing you want is to come across a VPN service that requires you to become a tech expert. User experience while using a VPN is one of the primary prospects one needs to look out for. Many people think that the advanced programs are hard to understand but that is not necessarily the case at all. If it takes you minutes to navigate, it is not worth the time at all.

  • P2P functionality

Last but not least on the list is to test out the peer to peer functionality. When looking out for the VPN for torrenting, it is important to ensure that you look for one that supports this effectively. Look for the ones that don’t necessarily contain any bandwidth threshold. It is important to opt for the ones that will promote easy file sharing rather than end up restricting them.

Best VPN for Torrenting Update 2020

  1. Express VPN

ExpressVPN - High-Speed, Secure Anonymous VPN Service

Express VPN is known to provide the users with blazing speed as well as the no logging policy. This ensures to provide with maximum security, which is often hard to find with the other VPN services for torrenting. It also provides with amazing user experience with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Swift installation
  • Easy user interface
  • NONE

Editor NOTE:- It is often ranked as the #1 VPN software for torrenting. If you want a smooth service with no lags and proper security, this is the one.

  1. Nord VPN

NordVPN Best VPN Service Provider #1 Editors' Choice

The Nord VPN is a one size fits all VPN service that has amazing tools to ensure proper security along with lightning fast speed. Even this one doesn’t keep any logs and is reasonably priced too.

  • Spread across 60 countries with over 5000 servers
  • No logging
  • None

Editor NOTE:- If you want a reasonably priced VPN service with blazing speed and no logging policy, the Nord VPN is the one.

  1. Cyber Ghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

The Cyber Ghost VPN is yet another one of the popular VPN services for torrenting. It is undertaking of the Kape Technologies. They have had accusations of invading privacy priorly, but for the most part, they have come clean with their work and services.

  • Dedicated servers for torrenting
  • Automatic kill switch
  • No logs policy
  • Accusations of invading privacy

Editor NOTE:- The Cyber Ghost VPN is a good enough option for someone looking for dedicated servers for torrenting. This ensures to provide with good speed.

  1. Surfshark

Surfshark Secure Your Digital Life

Surfshark has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. Their services are up for comparison to some of the most popular ones in the market even though they are fairly new. The combination of reliability and high speed is what makes it such a favoured service.

  • Extensions for chrome and firefox
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Access to geo-restricted content
  • Lack of proper customer support

Editor NOTE:- If you want a VPN that provides wide access to even the geo-restricted content across, this is the one to go for. They might not have been around for long but their services are up to par.

  1. IP Vanish VPN

IPVanish The World's Best VPN Service

Just as the name suggests, the IP Vanish VPN is yet another one of the amazing VPN services for torrenting. This one doesn’t have restrictions on the servers which is most possibly one of the biggest advantages of this one.

  • Has dedicated apps for all the platforms
  • No log policy
  • Provides with 256-bit encryption
  • None

Editor NOTE:- The amazing versatility and heightened accessibility of the VPN service ensure to provide with the maximum speed with the downloads. They also provide unlimited bandwidth.

  1. Hide My Ass

HMA VPN Service Unblock Websites with Hide My Ass

As offensive as the name of the VPN might suggest, it is actually what it states itself to be. They allow the usage of HMA for torrents, but on limited servers. It also provides with complete anonymity and privacy.

  • Largest network of servers
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  •  Limited access to servers for usage of HMA for torrents

Editor NOTE:- If you are looking for a VPN service that provides with good mobile services, this is the one you need. It is one of the largest networks of servers. 

  1. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access Anonymous VPN Service Provider

Just as the name suggests, Private Internet Access allows you to get the best experience for downloading torrents using the P2P protocol. It has a completely different designated VPN for the torrents which ensures amazing speed and security.

  • No logging policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Usage for 5 simultaneous connections
  • None

Editor NOTE:- If you wish to have an enhanced torrenting experience with amazing speed, this is the one to opt for.

  1. BT Guard VPN

BTGuard - Anonymous BitTorrent Services

The BT Guard VPN is yet another one of the amazing VPNs for torrenting. If you want to ensure that you can loop through, you can and can’t watch online, this VPN can help get that sorted out.

  • The easy user interface for downloading
  • No logging
  • None

Editor NOTE:- It allows you to surf along the internet and the overall network with a cloak of invisibility. If you want speed and anonymity, this is the one to opt for.

  1. TunneBear VPN

TunnelBear Secure VPN Service

This is one of the most popular VPN services which are available for both the computer and mobile devices. It was founded back in 2011 and offer free services altogether. It has multi-platform features which do make up for an amazing experience.

  • Free access till 500 MB a month
  • Private online browsing
  • Strong encryption with 256-bit
  • None

Editor NOTE:- If you want to avail a free service for your VPN requirements, this one is a good one to start with. It has amazing speed and security which further adds to the overall experience altogether.

  1. Trust Zone

Trust Zone - The One To Rely On - Trusted VPN Service

Trust zone is a one-stop solution for everything VPN one needs to venture into. It provides with a helpful website and even an application. It works around the geo-blocks and provides with the best kind of experience altogether.

  • Automatic kill switch
  • Multiple servers across countries
  • None

Editor NOTE:- If you want a VPN that provides with all the solutions under one roof, this is the one you need to opt for. Their helpful website and round the clock customer support makes every investment worthwhile.

When it does come down to discussing the best VPN for torrenting review, these are the top 10 of the lot. They are known around to provide the best services with the ultimate security as well. If you have been wondering if switching to VPN torrents for downloading purposes, getting any one of these is the ideal way to go about it.



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  1. Some content is just overpriced to not use torrents at all, I use Surfshark mainly to download books from libgen mirrors. The laws regarding torrenting are hard in my country and books are seriously overpriced in the bookshops… so it’s way better for me to pay 1.99$/MO to use a VPN than have limited access to educational material or get in trouble for using torrents overall… So far had no troubles, they even route your download traffic through torrent-friendly servers to make the download faster, there’s a slight speed drop while switching the servers but then it comes back up again.

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