Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts & Remap keys for Your Favorite Games with G-Hotkey

Remap keyboard KeysOften while you are playing games you need to press two or more key combination or sequence of keys to perform particular game action.  For latest games key combination are even more then 3 keys. You may some time feel to remap particular game keyboard shortcuts or key new shortcuts to improve your game performance as well as make it can speed up your game play.

If you looking for some thing which can allow you to create custom keyboard shortcuts and remap keys then here is small freeware utility G-hotkey. G-Hotkey allows you to create macros and remapped key sets for computer games.

You can build Complex macros using G-hotkey which can send mouse clicks and multiple key presses to the active game window. Most interesting part is with g-hotkey Macros can be set to repeat at a specified or random interval with the ability to fire off another macro upon completion.

Remapped keys can be created to hold down a specific key. G-Hotkey does not modify the game executable, configuration files, or keyboard/mouse drivers

Screenshot of G-Hotkey

G-Hotkey Game Keyboard Shortcut Editor

Download G-Hotkey and Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts and Remap keys of Games.

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