5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities Windows Users Must Try

If you are a Windows computer user who has ever tried to find a better way to do things than offered by the native interface, then you are most probably aware of the awesome website title NirSoft. At this site you will find a great number of system utilities that perform a variety of tasks ranging from system cleanup all the way to retrieving cached videos. We have gathered 5 excellent offerings from NirSoft and are sharing them with you below.

1. MyUninstaller

5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities 01 MyUninstaller

As you can probably guess from its name, this application helps you uninstall other applications from your computer. For one reason or the other, there are certain apps that are simply too difficult to get rid of on your Windows computer. No matter how much you try to remove them from your system registry or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ menu in the Control Panel, such apps prove to be very persistent and remove to leave, similar to a virus.

MyUninstaller comes in handy when you want to quickly open up a list of all the installed apps and effectively remove any one of those apps that you want. The contents of this application come in a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 50 KB. All you have to do is extract the contained EXE file and run it. A list of installed apps is opened along with its name, version, company, description, obsolete status, uninstall status, installation folder, installation source, official website, installation date, registry keys, and a lot more. Controls to remove the apps are also provided, of course. You can get MyUninstaller from here.

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2. VideoCacheView

5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities 02 VideoCacheView

When you stream videos from a website, the video content is cached by your browser and then shown to you. Even after you have finished viewing the video, you can still access it offline if you can somehow access the cache directory of your browser. But accessing the cache for the average computer user is not a simple task.

Here to help them out by retrieving videos from the browser cache is this NirSoft utility titled VideoCacheView. All you have to do is download the setup files that come in a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 80 KB. You then extract the EXE and run it. The stored video files are populated and can be played after you right click on them and choose the relevant option. You can get VideoCacheView from here.

3. AdapterWatch

5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities 03 AdapterWatch

On my desktop computer, I have four different network cards installed: 2 Ethernet cards, 1 wireless card, and 1 Bluetooth modem. Managing these network adapters and quickly viewing their information was very important for me because I had to route my home’s internet through my own computer. Going into the device properties of these adapters from the native Windows controls was not an easy task.

Thankfully, the job was made easier by NirSoft’s AdapterWatch – a freeware utility that displays detailed information about all of your installed adapters. The information shows all kinds of adapter properties, TCP/UDP statistics, IP statsitics, ICMP statistics, and other miscellaneous stats. You can get AdapterWatch from here.

4. ProduKey

5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities 04 ProduKey

While reinstalling Windows, one of the main concerns is reinstalling the applications that you have paid for. For many people, the only purchased applications on their PC are the Microsoft items such as Office document creation apps, Project, etc. Many people do not save the serial keys of their Windows or the other Microsoft apps they install. Here to help them in the Windows reinstallation process is ProduKey – an app that quickly reveals the product keys of your installed Microsoft products.

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All you have to do is download the app’s ZIP archive, extract the contained EXE file, and then run it. Entries will be loaded up with product name, product ID, product key, installation folder, service pack information (in case of OS), computer name, and application modified time. You can get ProduKey from here.

5. BatteryInfoView

5 Excellent NirSoft Utilities 05 BatteryInfoView

Windows shows laptop owners only the most basic information regarding their installed batteries. There is a lot more to the laptop battery than the level it is charged to or the time remaining because it is discharged. You could get other details such as discharge rate, current capacity, voltage, and more but doing so with the native Windows interface would be very tedious. Here to help you get that information quickly, along with other valuable battery stats, is an app called BatteryInfoView. You can get the app’s setup files in a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 100 KB. You simply extract the EXE and run it. BatteryInfoView can be gotten from here.

We hope you found these entries in our list to be useful. If you feel that other NirSoft utilities are more worthy of mention, then do let us know in the comments. You can visit the NirSoft website here.



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