Comprehensive Bidsbee Review – A Crypto Social Trading Platform

BidsBee Review

Bidsbee is an innovative social crypto trading platform that changes the world of crypto trading by embracing all types of traders independently of their experience and budget. The platform is easy to use and offers an extensive set of tools for crypto trading, a lot of educational materials, an impressive library of bots, and other functionalities.

Bidsbee is best for

  • All kinds of traders independently of their experience, knowledge, and budget.
  • People interested in learning about trading by accessing educational videos and written materials, communicating with Bidsbee community members to receive useful tips and insights, asking questions, and sharing experiences and opinions about crypto trading.


  • Ease of use
  • No KYC
  • Top safety level
  • Non-custodial services
  • An extensive range of functionalities
  • Educational materials
  • Effective customer support
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Access to all major exchanges in a single place
  • Library of bots
  • Top safety level
  • Active friendly community


  • The platform is new in the market

Bidsbee Fees and Account Minimums

BidsBee Pricing

Bidsbee offers scalable plans that cater to all traders’ needs. Beginners and those who want to test the platform can start with the Basic free plan which is valid for 2 weeks. After that, they can pick a paid plan. The pricing is very reasonable, and the platform constantly offers discounts and promos for its loyal users.

The platform doesn’t charge a share of your income. All you pay is the subscription if you pick a paid plan, and a subscription to a Master trader if you want to use the copy trading functionality.

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The platform doesn’t impose any minimum limits on your holdings. However, such limits are imposed by centralized exchanges. If you have fewer funds in your account than your exchange permits to trade with, orders won’t be placed.

Bidsbee Ease of Use

Even complete beginners can navigate Bidsbee easily. The platform’s dashboard is easy to use and provides access to all the available functionalities. Users can move from one platform’s functionality to another with a single click. All flows are carefully designed so users can do everything intuitively.

For those who prefer to be guided step-by-step, the Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform offers detailed guides. And if something is still unclear, the platform’s customer support is ready to help.

Here is how everything works at a glance.

When you move to Bidsbee, you will be offered to register an account. The registration is easy and straightforward, and you need to have only a valid email address. After that, you can explore the platform’s functionality.

In the Trading Terminal, you can connect all your CEX accounts with API keys, and start placing orders by following detailed instructions.

In the Copy Trading section, you can view the profiles of Master traders and subscribe to them to copy their orders. Bidsbee not only reminds you to be careful with your funds but more than that, copying other traders is impossible if you don’t set limits. So, you indicate what sum you assign for copying a trader, and indicate how much from this sum the trader is permitted to lose. If the trader reaches the limit, his orders won’t be copied anymore.

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In the Trading Bots section, you can buy and set up bots. Trading bots allow you to automate your strategy and benefit even if you cannot be available constantly.

Trading Signals is another section that requires your attention. There, you can choose signals and set them up. When a buy or sell signal is generated, you will get an instant notification in Telegram.

Bidsbee Education

Bidsbee’s aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for traders and to enable beginners to benefit from crypto trading. This is why the platform offers a lot of educational materials in written and video forms.

In the Support section, one can find detailed guides on registering and setting up a Bidsbee account and each functionality.

In the Academy section, beginners can learn the basics of crypto trading.

The Bidsbee community on Discord also contributes to the platform’s educational purpose. The team and the community members reply to the questions, share useful tips and valuable insights, and talk and share their experiences and impressions, as well as discuss the future developments of the platform.

Overall Rating of Bidsbee


The Bidsbee platform is suitable for traders with any experience and for those users who just want to learn the basics of crypto trading. Very reasonable pricing, an extensive set of features, ease of use, friendly and attentive customer support, and an active community are just a few of the characteristics worth mentioning. The team is working constantly to implement the newest features and expand the platform’s offerings. Thus, Bidsbee is a good choice for anybody who is into crypto trading or thinks about trying it.



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