‘Speed Tracer’ Analyzes the Loading Speed of Webpage Elements [Google Chrome]

Are you a webmaster trying to figure out which part of your site loads up the most sluggishly? If yes, then you should definitely check out a tool called Speed Tracer.

Speed Tracer is an easy to use browser tool that helps developers in analyzing the loading speed of various elements on their website. The tool comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. After you install the extension, you will find a newly placed icon in the browser’s address bar.

Speed Tracer 1

To have a page’s speed analyzed, simply click on the extension’s icon when the page is being loaded. The events on the page will be registered and the time it will take for them to load will be displayed on an easily understandable graph. The time taken by the events can be found in front of the Sluggishness category.

Speed Tracer 2

To check out the time taken by network resources, you should click on the Network tab.

Speed Tracer 3

The bottom pane for each category displays relevant details for elements and resources. Clicking on a particular element in the bottom will expand its details. For network resources, for example, these details will include information about MIME type, total bytes, total timing, DNS resolution, and a lot more.

Speed Tracer 4

You are provided with a ‘Hintlet report’. This report basically includes hints as to which parts of your website are taking the most time to load. Additionally pie chart is laid out; this chart is an excellent indicator as to which elements are taking the most part of the site’s loading time.

Speed Tracer 5

The speed stats and page loading stats keep on recording for a particular site until you click on a red ‘Stop Recording’ button that you will find in the top left of the app’s interface. The top left is also where you will find options to save the speed analysis report. In the center of this top left section, the site’s complete loading time (till you click the ‘Stop Recordin’ button) is displayed. And by using the magnification buttons in the right portion of this area, you are able to zoom into the times of a particular page element.

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Speed Tracer 6

Overall, Speed Tracer has the potential to become a must-have speed analysis tool for most webmasters. The user friendly interface coupled with detailed element analysis, give you all the information you need to figure out which website parts are behaving sluggishly.

You can download the Speed Tracer extension for Google Chrome from over here.



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