VirusTotal Scanner Desktop Tool to Quickly Scan Files Using

If you are a windows user then antivirus is must for you as it not only keeps your PC safe from viruses but also removes any active virus and malware infection. However not one particular antivirus available in market is perfect and full proof.

The antivirus software work on the basis of checking files against available virus. These virus signatures are continuously added to the database and each client are updated with new virus signatures to protect from latest viruses. Not every antivirus company manages to get virus signatures for every latest virus spreading on internet. The time frame from the virus starts spreading and antivirus  software updated with its signature to detect it is most critical. As you can still get infected before your antivirus software is even capable for detecting it as virus.

Hence it becomes mandatory for you scan each and every file you download from internet with multiple antivirus scanner but installing all antivirus software is not feasible or even possible for any one. That’s where was developed, which is one of best and robust virus scanning service that too free.

Unfortunately VirusTotal only has online website where you have to manual upload file you want to scan. Though it doesn’t take much time but don’t you think if you had desktop tool which can automate files scanning with would be awesome? if you think so, then here is unofficial VirusTotal Scanner desktop tool developed by

Virus Total Scanner is free utility to quickly perform virus scan right from desktop with Virus Total’s 40 plus antivirus scanner, The most surprising part is, it doesn’t upload actual files, instead performs hash based scan which significantly reduces the time taken to perform Antivirus scan using VirusTotal.

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In short, VirusTotal Scanner makes it easier, quicker & smarter. VirusTotal Scanner also comes with portable app to let you run from USB and pen drives or you can use VirusTotal Scanner installer to install VirusTotal Scanner.

It also adds option in right click context menu for quickly launching VirusTotal Scanner.

Download VirusTotal Scanner.

Please Note: Run VirusTotal Scanner in compatible mode and in administrator mode on Windows 7 64-bit.



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3 thoughts on “VirusTotal Scanner Desktop Tool to Quickly Scan Files Using”

  1. Tried that already, still crashed. I didn’t have much hope compatibility would work as it crashed in the real XP SP 3 anyway…

    I expected a bit better from Security Xploded tbh, this program really isn’t ready for release to the public….

    Thanks for letting us know about it anyway.

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