Three Ways to Quickly Access Control Panel on Windows 8

The Microsoft Windows 8 has reached to RTM stage (Release to manufacturing) from here Microsoft Windows team will fork the new path for service packs, and new OS development. This also means that Windows 8 is ready to be shipped for retail sales and OEMs have already started preloading Windows 8 on their laptops and desktop machines.

By now, Microsoft Windows users know about radical changes done to Windows 8 starting from new Lock screen and Home screen, Windows Store, Window 8 Style Apps, New Task Manager and much more.  If you are trying Windows 8 for the first time, you may get confused due the changes and missing highly popular start menu.

One such annoyance you will find it, is when you want to access control panel, since Windows XP days, control panel is accessible from the start menu, but in Windows 8, you may find it hard to locate or quickly access Control Panel and system settings. Here are the three ways by which you can quickly access Windows 8 Control Panel.

How to Quickly Access Windows 8 Control Panel

1. WIN+X : By pressing “Windows” and “X” key on your keyboard you can bring WinX menu, which provides access to many useful system settings. The one such option is access to Control Panel.

Windows 8 WinX Menu

2. WIN+I : By pressing “Windows” and “I” key on your keyboard you can bring up settings charms ,as the name suggest it provides access to Control  Panel and other PC settings.

Windows 8 Settings Charm

3. Placing Control Panel Shortcut on the Desktop and Home Screen

a. On Desktop : Option to add Control Panel on the Desktop is available in desktop Personalization option. Right click on the Desktop and click on personalization option. Now in Personalization window, in left pan click on change desktop Icons.

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Windows 8 Desktop Icon Settings

Under Desktop Icon Settings window,  check Control Panel option and click on Apply and Ok. Now you can see Control Panel shortcut on your desktop.

b. On Home Screen:  Placing Control Panel tile on the home screen is quite easy compared to placing on desktop. Press Win+Q keyboard shortcut to bring the app search charm, now type Control Panel in the search bar.

Windows 8 Search Charm

Now when you see Control Panel in apps result section, right click on it, and click on “Pin to start” from bottom options. That’s it.

Windows 8 Pin to Start

Now you should see Control Panel tile on your home screen.

Windows 8 Control Panel on Home Screen

So we hope above tips will make your life easier with Windows 8 when you want to quickly access Windows 8 Control Panel.



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2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Quickly Access Control Panel on Windows 8”

  1. People Geting tired of hearing about all this crap for win 8 for thier pc’s so quit it before you start losing people no one cares about win8 for pcs we want pc stuff like newstuff for win 7

  2. Michael Blackburn

    Whether you like it or not, it is what is happening. Maybe it’s the new Windows Me or Vista, time will tell. I’m using the RTM preview ATM and I like it – makes me want to buy a touch screen monitor just to play with the features :-)

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