How to Disable/Turn off Bing Home Page Image

Bing Background Wallpaper

Microsoft new search engine Bing.com is steadily becoming popular and more and more users have started using bing to search. If you have visited bing.com then probably you will be knowing bing  Bing Home Page provides stunning Images which changes daily and are with Hotspots which gives interesting info about the image.

Bing Home page images are definitely refreshing but many users with slow internet connection may wish to turn off or disable Bing images so that they can save some bandwidth.  For those users here is trick to disable Bing Home Page Image.

Bing with BackGround Image

How to Disable/Turn off Bing Home Page Image

1. Go to Bing.com and click on help link present at bottom right corner

Help Link on Bing

2. Scroll down “Explore the rich homepage” and you will find following links

Bing With Plain Background Link

3. Click on “Give me the plain background” to access bing home page without image

Or you can bookmark following link to access Bing without Image.


Bing without Background Image

Checkout :- Download Bing Wallpapers with Bing Downloader

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101 thoughts on “How to Disable/Turn off Bing Home Page Image”

  1. i’ve been having lots of trouble with computer saying it has to disconnect to fix a problem…it says i need to remove msn toolbar and msn toobar helper add-on, which i did thismorning, but i don’t see any change in toolbars, I would just like to not have “bing”, and all of its tool bar icons….but how can i do this

    thank you,


  2. I’ve have been trying to dissable bing and all its stuff, and I cant. I think that this overly pain in the but program is preventing me from doing so, by not having a delete or a dissable button on the screen, like normal search engines like yahoo or google, aol, aim, ect do. It is upseting me and, it is intrapment. it is the same with that msn that poped on my computer. picture this you walk into a store and then they lock the door, and tell you that you cant leave, and you have a coupple of hundred in your pocket.


  4. i”ve emailed till my digets bleed:get this crap off my home page. google and yahoo should have a retierment program when their contracteez have to go on welfare: YER NOT ALLOWED TO WORK FOR MSN

  5. However can I wipe bing off my computer and re-install yahoo? Please explain it to me free of jargon and in a way an old- timer like me can understand.

  6. Not being able to disable Bing is typical MS crap. They think you are a trapped customer and they will make you like their products. However, I am simply using Firefox Mozila web browser. it is easier and very user friendly.

  7. I want to disable bing…looks like many others want to do so also…is this not possible?????

  8. My pc has been slower ever since i tried to do a internet expl.8 upgrade, i did a system restore and my pc IE is back to what it was but guess what dint go away.. BING! Grr its still making my start up slower and i cant seem to turn the damn thing off! If anyone knows how to disable bing please tell me !!

  9. Reading all the ‘posts’ on this page is incredible to me…how can this be true? Now I don’t feel alone as I can’t stand BING and the way its ‘questions’ only have options where YOU MUST SELECT…I don’t care if it were the best program ever…it needs an OFF button…I”d be glad to sign up on lawsuit…I see alot of these comments are listed as a year old…HAS THE NIGHTMARE BEEN ALLOWED TO CONTINUE? WHERE ARE WE ‘DARK CITY’???

  10. and if you search on ‘disable bing’ you get sent to a bing-like message where it appears to help you but in effect you just shut down some the bing visuals…NOT BING ITSELF…I’m even more convinced we’re in ‘Dark City’

  11. I like the old my msn tool bar, I’ve been fighting mircrosoft updates from installing the bing bar, and other apps that I’m not interested in. I bought a Dell a year ago, the sales person said it didn’t have pre installed programs, I had to do that myself. Well ok… What bothers me is how underhanded microsoft and dell has been with windows 7. I installed programs, now windows updates are literally overtaking my computer. installing what they want… I feel like I’m playing war games with MS and Dell. Bing is on my computer, I’m ok with that, but I don’t want the Bing Tool Bar, and other apps Microsoft keeps instsalling. Defaults should belong the computer owner. MSN is my home page, my choice… I’m not interested in playing search engine war, nor am I interested in feeling like i’m in a communist country where I have lost choice.

  12. internet explorer has a search bar (BING) in windows 7 NO ITS NOT IN ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS how to get rid of it?
    all ive found is posts with people that downloaded and installed the stupid tool bars :(

  13. I would like to disable bing forever. Turn this off! The neighbors are free riding. To many connections not as secure as window once was.

  14. Go to google and tell it you want Yahoo, AOL, MSN or whichever you want as homepage and it will tell you how to re=install one you want…I know you go to tools, internet options, general and type in http://www.yahoo.com and it will give you yahoo as your home page and override bing.

  15. Bluelibraryperformance

    I want to get rid of Bing. I don’t recall asking for it. Just please take it off my computer. Using Uninstall on my Control Panel doesn’t work. I DON”T want it.

  16. I don’t care avout the bing image it’s a nuisance and I am tired of having to re-start my computer to correct problems it causes. Maybe windows has finaly gone senile?

  17. For some reason this site does not want to post how to get rid of bing ,so get on another search engine if you can to find it .They must own bing or something,every time I put a get rid or elimante,it tells me how to put it in the background etc. not what I asked for.


  19. I found a very easy way to get rid of Bing. If you go to your Internet Options you will see that Bing has placed itself first . Just click on the highlighted line where you see Bing and backspace till it’s gone then hit apply. Presto it’s gone like magic.

  20. I do not want bing on my computer home page, i didn’t ask for it and please take it off before I report you. 

  21. I do not want bing as my home page. I did not sign anything for it so please take it off my computer.

  22. Help. How do I get out of this. I did ok this Bing and want my Yahoo home page back.  Eveytime I try what they say to do. It doesnt work.Help
    Not a Happy Person At This Moment.

  23. Get me off this Bing. I never asked for it. It just showed up. Help want my old Yahoo home page back. Not a Happy Camper Here.. Wow, Anyone out there. Have you or How do we report this page. It wont come off . No matter what I have tryed.

  24. I hate it. I will not use it. I will call  at&t some one should report .
    them as spam that the way they act

  25. On My firefox it don’t have a internet oppitions so how do I swap from Bing to Yahoo as My homepage

  26. Re  ” I want Bing off my PC as it really is crap”. For about two year’s now Bing has been attempting to insinuate itself onto my PC,it now seem’s to have taken over from
    Google. The trouble is that when I attempt to use it nothing ever come’s of my enquiries. Glad I found this site anyway as I thought that I was getting paranoid,somehow it’s taken over where Google left off and is actually now operating from the box on my PC, extreme top right. Is there no law against tosser’s hacking into peoples PC’s and introducing worthless crap onto the screen?,What do we have firewall’s for and antivirus prog’s. I thought they may have helped?, AFI = “As f4ck!ng if”. Any idea where it’s coming from,at least what country ?.

    Geoff Foxwell UK. 

  27. Three webpages just tried to install adobe.  I use an alternate.  Just playing around with Bing.  I use FF with all its useful mods.  The only time I use IE is for updates.

  28. I love bing images, but hate the recently introduced info band/banner at the bottom.  How do I disable the bottom banner?

  29. I want to be RID OF BING, and allow Google to be my browser — I have tried over, and over, — and Bing keeps ‘creeping back in’!!!

  30. onthebay3. Well done this is the answer. There may be a case for Microsoft to answer in court for all the inconvenience caused by the bing MSN unsolicited download with their explorer 8 search engine. You get this even if you choose custom install. I suggest anyone reading this check the legal position and if they find they have a case sue these people and stop them from ruining other people’s lives with unsolicited material that you have to fight to remove!

  31. I want bing off the bottom right of my screen for address have tryed everything,it pop up everytime i turn my computer on it is very annoying

  32. Doesn’t everyone’sbrowser have an option to add or change a home page? What’s the big deal? Look for the house icon and then select the option to change the homepage when you’re at a page you’d rather use like Google or Yahoo or Facebook, etc. Or am I missing something?

  33. Suddenly Bing and the Whitesmoke toolbar showed up on my computer. It is now much slower – almost inoperable – why? I didn’t ask for this and I am spending too much time trying to get rid of Bing. My computer is old, says low memory, although I don’t know why, and I just wanted to plod on through for awhile. This should be illegal. No one asked if I wanted Bing – and I don’t!!! I saw on tv there is an ad where people are asked which service provider is better and they are surprised it is Bing. No, it isn’t better. It is HELLLLLLLLL having it on my computer and I resent the intrusion – feel it is a total violation. Why are so many having problems and where is one place to go to complain – ie a government agency, perhaps, in Canada. How did Bing come to be on my computer and how did they get the right to violate, infiltrate, inconvenience, and more so many people’s computers. It is horrifying to think such a terrible search engine can be allowed to be thrust upon so many.

  34. Both Google and Bing will not allow you to speak to a person , spent two hours being told my call was important to them, I think not.

  35. take BING OFF OFF OFF my computer!!!!!!!!! I have tried several sites to just delete you, they don’t work. GET OUT OF MY COMPUTER

  36. I followed the suggestion of removing Bing by blocking the site in my control panel internet options area. So far it has worked. For backup I also went to their site and choose the option of not receiving info in the tools section. Just like most everyone here, this program sucks and is an attempt at internet control. Needs to be put to rest.

  37. i did it! I GOT RID OF BING! all i did was, when I opened a new tab on my google chrome, and stupid bing popped up, I clicked on “restore” in the bottom left-hand corner. Now when I open a new tab, the google search window pops up, which is what I had before/wanted. hope this helps!

  38. First off, I would like to thank the author of this article for this information. But I am amazed as I read the comments here. Any Bing application can easily be removed from your computer. Yes, Microsoft will reinstall it if you have automatic updates. So turn them off. If you don’t know how to do this do a quick web search and you will get thousands of pages telling you how.

  39. this night mare is still going. I had to got to a computer rest point today because i tried to get it off and lost my net. all over a stupid up grad for my firefox…

  40. it doesn’t always work. that is the big deal. when you lose your net completely and have to go to a reset point time and time again it gets old quick.

  41. GOD Bing is like a bad computer virus. it is bad enough Microsoft can’t make up it’s mind rather they want their new laptops to be a stupid tablet or a computer with that crappy windows 8, that my sister has had for 2 years now and still can’t work the dumb thing and has to take her computer to best buy more time than i can count. but i can’t work my net right because every time it needs a stupid up grade Bing comes up. by the time i try to get it off i have no Net at all and have to use a reset point just to get back to my original settings. Saving to get a mac now because i am done with Microsoft. The sad truth is i still won’t be able to cut them out of my life since they are taking over Firefox with their crappy bing.

  42. on my pc, if i open a new tab in firefox, it defaults to bing or trovi. I cannot reset it to a blank new tab :-( i hate it fffffff

  43. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DELETE THIS !@#$%^&* BING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’VE BEEN HACKED BY MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. i like bing home page daily changing images with hotspot,my screen is stuck on one,how can i get them to change daily again,thanks karen.

  45. I do not want Bing and cannot access any of my e-mails, facebook, nor photo and other files since Microsoft did its unasked for update earlier today. now I only hav Bing and do not want it as nothing, including my e-mails are on it. I still watch news on t.v. and read the paper I do not nee bing and want all my regular stuff back.. I am really angry!!!now you want to e-amil me a link to upgrade password…I don’t have e-mail acdess anymore and I pay for the internet. now I am told even my google account password is invalid and I cannot even get to google!!!!!!

  46. I hate big, I love google better , when i do search for school, big cant find the information i looking for it but i find it right away fro Google, I need help changing my homepage to Google, i try to do it bot bing wont let me

  47. you can open a class action lawsuit there is a website caled class action law suit

  48. Maybe it would be more constructive to focus on more important things in life? Maybe read a book or go for a walk?

  49. Get a grip. Anyone out there know how to initiate a lawsuit suing idiots wasting the courts time with stupid lawsuits?

  50. Not on a Mac, I’ve tried it. Microsof won’t tell me how either. That just sucks

  51. Markey Farrell

    USE BING >>>> GOOGLE IS DEVIOUS AND SUPPORTING HILLARY CLINTON BY FALSELY RETURNING SEARCH RESULTS — they are purposely and without notice returning favoring results and ignoring negative results.

  52. KILL BING!!!!! I have tried all the answers that I’m given and it just won’t go away!!!

  53. I think Rabbits are to blame. Theyre increasing in scary numbers and are invading peoples computers like …….. well….. rabbits.

  54. i type my search into google, press enter and bing pops up with the result. I have tryed everything to get ride of it, as says below i just added it to restricted sites, guess what bing still comes up. Surely we can sue does anyone know a lawer??

  55. Sylvia Lawler-Rabinowitz Rober

    I hate that I am forced to view the NFL schedule when I open my computer. I think it is very sexist that they assume 100% of the people want to know sports schedules. I do not fall in that category. I have disconnected my TV 5 plus years ago because I don’t want outside influence into my own thoughts and beliefs.

  56. We the American people are unanimous…Bing is the worst and has to go. I propose at least a name change to bring it more inline with what it is and should be called. How about BUNG? Past tense.

  57. I wanted to remove homepage images, which appears to cause glitches and limits what I want to do on the computer. Bing tries to make it virtually impossible to simply remove.

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