Screenshot Captor – Capture Screen Regions and Expertly Annotate the Images [Windows]

Screenshot Captor is a freeware app that can take screenshots and use them in various ways. The various ways in which you can use the images captured by the app include uploading them, emailing them, saving them locally, or editing them expertly with the app’s built in screenshot annotation and editing tool.

After you download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 8 MB, you will find its mini bar located in the top left of your screen. You can begin capturing screenshots by clicking on the appropriate button on this menu bar. Capturing options include the entire screen, the active window, or a specific region on your screen.

Screenshot Captor 1

If you choose to capture a specific region, the mouse pointer will transform into a crosshair and a magnified view of the pointer’s location will be displayed – this helps in knowing precisely what you are selecting.

Screenshot Captor 2

With the screenshot taken, a window pops up displaying the things that can be done with the image. For example, you can save the image, save it and open it in an editor, send the image to an email address, upload the image, and more.

Screenshot Captor 3

So far, the features list might be paralleled by other screenshot taking tools out there; however what I found quite impressive (and thoroughly useful) was the app’s built in image editor. For starters, the interface is neatly laid out: the center pane is where your image is, the left pane lets you explore image folders, the bottom pane shows image details, and the right pane houses editing tools.

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Screenshot Captor 4

Normally while including screenshots in reviews, bloggers such as myself will annotate the images with arrows, text highlighting, etc. The app’s editor provides a plethora of these tools. For example, arrows can be easily added, regions can be color highlighted, the image can be automatically sharpened, colors can be adjusted, and a lot more. One of the features that particularly stood out was the ability to select a region in the image and then blur everything outside of that region.

Screenshot Captor 5

The editor offers a number of these “blurring” features where you can make a particular part of the image stand out by making the other regions gray, dim, or something else.

Screenshot Captor 6

All of the above is really only the tip of the iceberg. To know all that the app has to offer, you have to take Screenshot Captor out for a test drive – you shall not be disappointed!

You can get Screenshot Captor from here.



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