Scroll Background Windows Without Clicking Them

It’s certainly not the biggest annoyance you’ll encounter while using your computer, but finding little shortcuts to make your life just a bit easier always feels like a win. One minor problem that fits the bill is having more than one window visible on your desktop at a single time. The one residing in the forefront can be perused by using the scroll wheel present on most every mouse.

However, the one in the background requires a click of the mouse in order to access it and begin scrolling. Its a minor detail, but one that can be avoided with the use of a simple free app. AlwaysMouseWheel will take care of this for you.

The file is just 27 KB (Zipped) and still only half a MB once it’s extracted. The app has only a few options on it dashboard, so don’t expect to have minute control over what it does — it’s one of those utilities that simply works or it doesn’t.


By default, only the option for forward scroll capability for the mouse wheel over to background windows without having to use the extra step of a mouse click to bring the pane to the forefront.

You can choose to have the windows brought to the front by the simple act of scrolling it, you can have the app start automatically when Windows boots up and you have the option to disable the functionality if you have reason to cease using it temporarily — in other words you don’t wish to uninstall it.


It’s a very small, simple app that takes all of 15-seconds to figure out. It also doesn’t add any functionality that is badly needed in the operating system. With that said, AlwaysMouseWheel adds a simple, but necessary function that can be handy for those who frequently work with multiple windows on the screen.

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