5 Best Android Apps To Improve Your Productivity

Smartphones and Tablets can easily change the way you work. If you choose right apps for your mobile devices, you can definitely improve your productivity. You have to choose apps based on your business and the way you work. So today I came with a list of applications which can be used by everyone to stay productive in their work. You can use these apps to manage your tasks, schedule them and keep track of all your activities. Instead of working hard it will make you work smarter and plan all the activities before you proceed. Let’s take a look at the apps below.



Any.do is a popular application across various devices. It is a best tasking managing application, which lets you add to-do lists and schedule them on your mobile devices. This app will remind you to call back for the missed calls on your device and send quick SMS to people with whom you can’t talk right now. It lets you create to-dos using your email by sending the tasks to do@any.do from your mail id. Just shake the phone to clear all the finished tasks on the application. You can create recurring tasks, which you want to do weekly, monthly or in a daily basis. It is available for Android, iOS, Chrome, etc.


Air Droid

Air Droid is one of the must have application for all the Android users. It lets you sync your Android devices with your PC to manage all the notifications and data. All you need is a Air droid application for PC to connect all your devices. If you have more than one Android device, you can sync all the devices to your PC application and get notifications in a single place. For people who work in computer all the day, can use this feature to avoid unwanted notifications in your device. Also you can pick up calls, reply to text messages right from your PC. Detailed review of the app is available here.

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air droid

Quick Office

Quick Office is an official app from Google, which lets you do all the documents related works right from your Android device. Using this application you can create, edit and access all the documents in your Google drive on the go. Also you can view PDF files, edit word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. You can easily upload or download documents from Google drive using this application. Also it lets you attach and send the created or edited documents in email right from the application. It is a must have app for people who use edit and send documents regularly.

quick office


Anything you find online can be saved to the Pocket app for Android. If you find an interesting content and you were running late for work, just save the link to your Pocket application and read it later. Pocket is available for all the leading browsers and mobile devices. So you can save links from your PC or Smartphone, it will be synced automatically. There are other apps available with similar concepts but the readability in this application is really amazing and if you own a tablet, this is a must have app to catch up all your favorite stories. You can also save links from other news reader apps on your Android device and PC.


aCalendar – Android Calendar

aCalendar is an excellent calendar app for Android. Compared to the default calendar app, it has plenty of features in it. Once you install the app, it will quickly sync with Android’s default calendar and copy all the events from that app. Also you can sync birthdays and other events from your address book. Full Screen widgets are available to catch up all the events. Also you can share events using QR Code with other devices. NFC sharing is added in the recent update. It is completely free and there won’t be any ads displayed in the application.

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It is really tough to bring all the best productivity apps in a single article. Soon I’ll come with another set of interesting productivity apps for Android. Also share your favorite productivity app for Android in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.




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