How To Create Your Own Flipboard Magazine?

Flipboard is one the widely used news reader apps for mobile devices and the web. This app gives a unique style of reading to all the blogs and websites in the Internet. It lets you catch up all the trending stories, articles from subscribed blogs and much more. Also, it brings your social news feeds from Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a one stop place to get all the updates. One of the important options in Flipboard is creating your own magazine. Though it sounds complex, the process is dead simple and anyone can easily do it. You can add your own links and articles to the magazine and share them with your friends. Here’s how to do it.


If you are new to Flipboard or if you don’t have an account, first create one to start with the magazine. Instead of creating a new account, you can use your existing Facebook account to sign up with Flipboard. This Facebook account connection will bring your timeline to the Flipboard news feed. Once you complete the registration process, you can add all your favorite blogs and websites to your Flipboard account. You can create a magazine from your mobile devices or from the web interface. Wherever you create a new magazine, or add links to the existing magazines, it will be synced to all your devices.


To start with magazines, first you have to find the content. Collect all the interesting links and articles from your Flipboard subscriptions and trending stories. As soon as you found it, tap the “+” sign on the article, you will get a pop up as shown in the screenshot. In that select the “Create Magazine” box in the middle. It will open another window where you have to give a title to your magazine, add description if you need and choose a category from the list. Also, you can choose a magazine cover from the gallery.

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You can make your magazine, private or public just by enabling the option in the same window. Also, create a common or shared magazine by using the contribution from your friends. There is a bookmark button in the web interface called “Flip it” for browsers, to add links to your magazines as you browse. The search option in the app lets you quickly search and add links to your magazine. To view the created magazines on the app, tap the red ribbon on the home page.

Watch the video tutorial above to understand more about magazine creation in Flipboard. You can create any number of magazines inside Flipboard. Don’t forget to share your magazine creating experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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