5 Best Image Editing Applications For Android

Today Smartphones deliver photographs equal to the quality of digital cameras. Android phones like HTC One and Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020, etc., delivers excellent camera performance and gives professional quality photographs. The right amount of lighting, better perspective can deliver a stunning photograph from your android devices. For professional style photographs, a good editing application is essential in your Android mobiles. Previously I wrote about a set of excellent camera apps for Android. Today I came with a list of image editing apps, which gives better results than your regular camera apps.

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Photo editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the popular photo editing apps for Android. It contains all the essentials tools and filters for editing an image. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about editing an image, the options in this app are very simple and easy to understand. It has inbuilt fun stickers to add to your photos, change focus, edit color balance and much more in just a tap. It lets you create your own memes with the help of inbuilt templates. Easily fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth in just seconds.


Photo Editor for Instagram

Photo Editor for Instagram is exclusively designed for Instagram application. For Smartphone photographers, Instagram is a must have application. By default Instagram has gorgeous filters in it, but this Photo editor for Instagram will add more filters and more effects to your Photographs. Also it will help you to crop the photographs without losing the details before you upload to the Instagram application. The photo effects in this app are more unique as compared to the other photo editing applications. You can add frames, blurry effects to your photographs using this application.

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Cymera is a good photo editing app for portraits. Similar to DSLRs it has seven different lens styles. There are plenty of capturing modes like Out of focus, anti-shake, Self-portrait, etc. More than 20 filters and amazing beautifying effects available to touch the portraits inside the application. You can make collages of your photographs using the inbuilt templates. All the basic editing options like brightness, rotate, crop, etc., are available and you can share your images to Facebook, Twitter,  etc., right from the application.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is one of the widely used image editing application for Android. There are a huge variety of effects available in the app, to enhance your photograph. All the basic image editing options like cropping, rotate, red-eye removal, whiten teeth, etc., is available in the app. The lighting effects can make your image looks more professional than the normal image editors. It helps you to reduce blurs and noise in the image. Your favorite effects in the app can be kept separately for easy pickup.

pixlr express


Pics Art is yet another awesome image editing application for Android. It has tons of effects like masking, collages, text effects, cartoonizer and much more in the application to make your picture look more creative. You can preview the picture by adding live effects while taking a photograph. The drawing mode is one of the creative options in the application. Using the artistic brushes, layers and text styles, you can create dramatic effects in your picture as professionals do with the images.

There are plenty of image editing apps available for Android. I can’t write everything in a single post, so I’ve handpicked few top image editing apps in the play store. If I’ve missed any of your favorite image editing apps, please let me know in the comments. Soon I’ll come with another set of image editing apps for Android. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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