5 Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android Devices

The person who invented the Snooze button in alarm clocks, is definitely a favorite person for many people around the world. Hitting the snooze button and sleeping for some more time is definitely 0ne of the best things in the morning, but it will not be suitable all the time. Not only for waking up, but alarms are used in reminders, task management and in many more situations in our day to day activities. Since alarms have become a part of our daily life, the features of the default alarm app will not be enough for us. So, today I’ve come with a list of alarm clock apps for people who need to wake up and finish tasks on time.


The Alarmpad is a pretty smart application than the default alarm app on your Android device. Once you dismiss the alarm, it will automatically open the calendar app and read the notes you have entered. Also, you can see the complete weather information on your location right after you dismiss the alarm. One of the important features of this application is, you can set your own voice or any custom recording as an alarm tone. The app can be connected to your Bluetooth device for dismissing or activating the alarm using voice commands.


Wave Alarm

Unlike other alarm apps, Wave Alarm works based on motion technology. Similar to the name, you have to wave your hand above the screen to dismiss or snooze the alarm. This simple gesture will turn off the alarm quickly without touching your phone. All you need is a front facing camera on your device to capture to gesture. All the basic features like weather update, inbuilt ringtones, brightness control, etc., are available in the application. For the app to work properly, it should not be moved to the SD card of your device.

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Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme has all the possible ways to wake up you from the bed. The alarm will gently increase the volume to a higher level than the normal alarms to wake you up. To avoid cancelling the alarms accidentally, it has large snooze buttons and puzzle solving methods to cancel the alarm. The large snooze button will decrease the time between normal snooze to wake you up. You can also choose different math puzzles to stop the alarm. This will be very helpful for you to wake up on time. It has both free and paid versions, the free version is ad supported.


Puzzle Alarm Clock

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is an ultimate alarm application for Android devices. As mentioned in the name of the app, you have to solve a puzzle to cancel the alarm. The puzzles are available in three difficulty levels, you can choose the one according to your need. Also, it supports NFC and QR Codes to cancel or disable the alarms. It has a loud explosion sound, which gives a great effect if you connect your device to the external speakers. The app has an option to send an SMS to the emergency contact, if you don’t turn off the alarm on time.

puzzle alarm clock

I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock

If you think you couldn’t wake up on time, then you should try this app on your Android device. It has eight different tasks to wake you up. The app will not turn off the alarm until you finish that task. The tasks are like math puzzles, rewrite the random text, scanning the barcode in a random area of your place and much more interesting activities. Instead of having a boring alarm every morning, these tasks will be very helpful to give a different atmosphere to wake you up every morning. There is an awake test on the app, which will pop up a notification after you wake up, if you don’t cancel that, then the alarm will start ringing again.

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If you are struggling to wake up with your regular alarm app, these apps are worth giving a try. Share your experience with  these apps in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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