Geek Uninstaller: View and Remove Any Installed Application [Windows]

Do you have an app installed on your Windows system that you cannot seem to remove? If yes, then what you need is a freeware named ‘Geek Uninstaller’.

Geek Uninstaller 1

Geek Uninstaller is a powerful desktop application that you do not even have to install! The function of the app is to provide the average user with the power to properly uninstall any application that is installed on your PC. Windows users will definitely appreciate the ability to quickly view a list of all installed programs and be in control of what stays and what goes. This is precisely what this portable application provides – control over what apps remain on your PC.

To get started with using the application, you need only download the ZIP archive that its executable file comes in. When downloaded, you can extract the archive and then run the EXE. With the app’s main window open, you will view something like in the screenshot above i.e. a list of all programs that are installed on your computer. In the bottom left corner of the window you will find a count for these programs along with the total disk space that they are taking up. To view what can be done with an app, simply right click on it. The resulting context menu will display uninstallation options.

Geek Uninstaller 3

Going with the standard ‘Uninstall’ option will open the particular program’s uninstaller. If, after going through step, you still find that the application is appearing in the list, you can try the ‘Force Removal’ option. Note that you must be logged in as the Windows administrator for changes to take effect.

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Similarly, if you find that a program has been removed and is appearing in the list as a ‘false positive’, you can simply delete its entry using the ‘Remove Entry’ option.

There are also options provided for you to view the program’s registry entry, to go to its installation folder, head on over to its program website, or Google for its name.

In case you are about to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows, the app can help you maintain a list of the apps which you have installed – so you remember what to install after Windows setup completes. To create that backup list, use the ‘Export to HTML’ option from the File menu in the top left of the app’s main window.

Geek Uninstaller 4

Non-native English speakers will be delighted to know that the app comes with built-in support for a very wide array of languages. The language can be changed anytime from the View -> Interface Language menu.

Geek Uninstaller 5

In conclusion, for anybody who is being menaced by a pesky application that will not let your system be, Geek Uninstaller will prove to be heaven-sent. With its friendly interface and effectiveness, the average PC user could not ask for more.

You can get Geek Uninstaller from this website.



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