Control Bluetooth Devices in Windows 8.1

The final countdown to the launch of Windows 8.1 is on — Microsoft launches its “fix” for Windows 8 on October 17, complete with a revamped Start button, boot to desktop and more. However, more than those high-profile things has changed. The software maker has also rethought the PC Settings interface in its new operating system.

Everything you discovered is still there, but it has been rearranged, renamed and merged into other areas. Honestly, the new layout is better, but requires a bit of getting used to.

Left: Windows 8 – Right: Windows 8.1

One new addition is “PC and Devices” — an amalgamation of previous settings that have come together under a single heading. Among other things, this is where you will now discover Bluetooth settings.

By default, Bluetooth should be turned off, as it can create a bit of a battery drain for laptops. However, with the format becoming more ubiquitous for such peripherals as the mouse and the speaker, its something that you will likely need to be enabling at some point.

Click “PC and Devices” and then tap the “Bluetooth” setting that resides within the left column. Then toggle the slider switch from off to on to get started.

Each device you wish to connect should have a button to connect (some simply begin scanning when switched on). Setup should take only seconds and a list of your current devices will appear on this screen, along with letting you know if they are connected or not.


You can also manage your devices from here — simply left-click one and then choose the “Remove device” option if you wish to get rid of an item.

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This is not tremendously different from Windows 8, the options have simply moved to a slightly new home in version 8.1 of the OS. Its one of many things that have been altered in just the PC Settings section alone. Over the coming days, as people begin to make the upgrade, BlogsDNA will bring you more hints about what is included in the update.



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  1. But how can you reconnect to devices from that screen. Seems really stupid not to have a connect option there.

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