List All the Processes Blocking USB Safely Remove Hardware Option with Dev Eject

Every now and then we come across gadgets & devices having USB interface for connecting to PC or Mac. This is not only easy but also a convenient way, as most of the time you don’t require drivers to be installed. Though you may not be able to use any advance software or tools without proper drivers of the device, but you can at least access storage, which suffice the most of the case.

However with USB interface there are certain precautions which needs to be followed such as safe removal option. By immaturely plugin out device or USB storage from PC you may damage the storage and its data permanently, hence the Eject/ Safe Removal option has been added to Windows. You must use Windows Safe Removal option for USB drives and device before removing it from USB.

There may be a circumstances when safe removal option fails, usually when some processes are accessing USB drive date and unless you close that process you cannot eject drive safely. Often it is easy to locate process accessing USB drive but sometime you may struggle to find the exact process, and that’s where Dev Eject will come handy for you.

Dev Eject is small freeware utility designed to control removable media connected to your computer, the most appealing feature of this utility is the ability to view and list all the processes blocking the safe removal. Once you got the list of processes you can easily close the associated programs and safely eject your drive.

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Dev Eject is less than 500 kb in size and takes less than half minute to install. You have an option to install only for your account or everyone using that PC. Once install you can locate Dev Eject under program files.

When you start Dev Eject, it will list all the connected device via USB interface that also includes SATA drives. By clicking on individual device from the list you can either Unplug or Eject and if it has any lock you can view that by clicking on lock button, which will list all the processing curring using that drive.

Under Settings you can set Dev Eject to start with Windows, add tray integration, specify click actions, auto update and troubleshooting options.

Download Dev Eject Tool.



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