Easily Change USB Flash Drive & Hard Disk Drive Background Images

USB PenDrive
In past we have covered two free applications USB Personalizer & Customize My Drive to change background image, icons of USB Flash Drive & Hard Drive. Now here is yet another small utility Drives Background Image Easily change drives background images for your drives.

Drives Background Image is a useful tool designed to help you a background image to hard disk drives, floppy disks, USB flash drives and other kind of mass storage disks.

Features of Drives Background Image

1. Auto detect Available Drives

2. Set or Remove Background To Multiple Drives

3. Set or Remove Icons To Multiple Drives

4. Auto Recover Default Icons

5. Changeor Update Drives Text Colors without Losing Background

6. Drive Preview In Real Time

7. Double Click On Drive Opens Drive

8. Transparent Effect, Icon Preview

9. Icon Sent To Tray So No Taskbar Space Used

Drives Background Image

Drives Background Image

Download Drive Background Image.

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