Create Multiple Virtual Desktops to Increase Productivity at Work

Multiple Virtual DesktopsMost of the programmers and graphics designer has cluttered desktop with lots of applications running simultaneously and many icons on desktop. Such multitasking doesn’t improve your productivity instead decreases your productivity as most of the time you will waste in switching application windows.

When your task bar is full of open windows then it becomes even more difficult to switch between open applications, But because of importance of those applications it may not be possible for you to close them. If this is the scenario for you then here is Freeware virtual desktop manager Dexpot for you.

Dexpot is the tool that enabled you to create virtual desktops with each desktop personalized to run set of applications. For instance you can keep one desktop running email client and word processor and another desktop running your favorite compiler and program editor.

Dexpot is one power piece of software capable of running 19 additional workspaces aka desktops.

Screenshots of Dexpot Virtual Desktop Manager

Dexpot Multiple Desktops

Dexpot Virtual Desktop Manager

Download Dexpot Virtual Desktop Manager and Increase your productivity at work.

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