Easily download YouTube videos with VideoTube Downloader

The rules around downloading streaming online video are somewhat strange. While doing nothing with it except watching it for personal enjoyment could be considered fair use, it also strips revenue from the producer, who would otherwise be paid for those multiple streams.

Covering the varying and confusing laws surrounding these things is far beyond the purvey of BlogsDNA, but we can look at an app that enables the ability and leave the decision up to you.

VideoTube Downloader is a free app from Chris PC, and its a rather svelte 3.1 MB download. There are also no extras included, and looking to sneak past you and add a toolbar or alter your search preferences. There is a quick survey, but it’s only looking for your age and a bit of other minor information. You’re required to fill it out — however you wish.

The interface is simple. You can keep the window open, browse to YouTube and find the video you are interested in grabbing, then click and drag it to the main pane. And not just YouTube either, it also works with Vimeo, Hulu and several other popular video streaming services.


While it seems extremely simple, and it is, there are still some things you can tweak to make it a bit more personal. For instance, a drop-down menu lets you pick resolutions that range from 270p to 1080p. You can also choose to convert the final product to work on other platforms like mobile devices and choose where the file downloads to.


You’ll find a lot here, though it looks rather simple at first glance. You can get a full list of the supported sites, read the rather common “about” screen and visit the support forum.

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The most intriguing option is the “Advanced Settings”. There aren’t a lot of options here, but you can make a few changes. For instance, you can alter the number of processes happening at one time to save your CPU, or set a proxy, even have each channel download to a separate subfolder.


In the end, it’s entirely up to you what you do with this, as all we can tell you is that it does what it claims, and does so well. It has great options for formatting and conversion and being able to choose where files download to really makes things easy.



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