How to Install Android Cupcake on G1 Phone Emulator

Google Android G1 Phone

Recently we had posted guide on Getting Multi-touch support on T-Mobile G1 Phone. That guide was based on Luke Hutch changes to Google Android software stack to get multi touch working on G1 Phone which is basically JesusFreke’s replacement of Android firmware image v1.4.

Its android cupcake update which will bring multi-touch and many new features to G1 Phone. Since cupcake is still under development you need to wait some more time to enjoy cupcake update, well don’t worry nullwire has found the way to install current cupcake repository branch on G1 phone emulator.

How to Install Android Cupcake on G1 Phone Emulator

1. Download and Install the Android SDK found here.

2. Now Download latest Android images which includes cupcake update using below link (28Mb)

3. Unzip and Unpack files to a temporary location.

4. Backup the folder <android_sdk_folder>/tools/lib/images (android_sdk_folder is the Android SDK installation folder)

5. Replace the files ramdisk.img, system.img and userdata.img in <android_sdk_folder>/tools/lib/images with the files unpacked from the zip in step 3.

6. Start the emulator and wait.

That’s it Now Enjoy G1 Phone Emulator with cupcake update. Here is video showing New features of Cupcake Update.

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7 thoughts on “How to Install Android Cupcake on G1 Phone Emulator”

  1. u carnt install this on the phone because it wont download to the phone its not supported so how do you install it to the phone?

  2. you download it on the computer and unzip and unpack to the phone via usb but i dont know how to unzip and unpack the items any suggestions?

  3. but the thing is do you unzip and unpack ramdisk.img, system.img and userdata.img aswell or do you leave them zipped?

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