AirDroid 3 Took Android and PC Integration To The Next Level

AirDroid is one of the popular Android Managers on the internet. Whenever the app receives an update, there will be a unique feature to smartly manage your Android devices. In the previous update, they have introduced Air Droid’s web app to manage Android devices right from your browser. A couple of days back, AirDroid team rolled out the successor version of the application. AirDroid 3 is completely revamped from its older version and got some exciting features to manage the Android devices from your PC.

Airdroid-4Since iOS and Android are the most dominant mobile operating systems, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite brought some excellent new features for Mac and iPhone users. You can make and receive calls, reply to the text messages and many more actions right from your Mac. Apple call that feature as “Continuity” and now AirDroid enables continuity on Android.

New Air Mirror Feature

Including all the features of “Continuity” from Mac and iOS, AirDroid has introduced a brand new feature called “AirMirror” to control your Android device right from your PC. Instead of accessing phone calls and text messages, you can use all the apps on your PC with the help of this AirMirror feature. After you connect your Android device to the same WiFi network, the AirMirror feature will show you the live screen of your Android device.


Use WhatsApp On Your PC and Mac

Since Instant Messengers are the most used apps in our Smartphone, you can send and receive text messages from WhatsApp and other IM’s on your desktop with the help of this AirMirror feature. You cannot install WhatsApp on your PC, you can just mirror your Smartphone’s screen and chat with your friends. Also, when you receive a notification from WhatsApp or any other Messengers on your PC, the AirMirror will turn on automatically. So without leaving your PC, you can respond to all the notifications on your Smartphone.

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Since the Android Operating System is customized by all the mobile companies, as of now, the AirMirror feature requires a rooted Android device. Other than that, rest of all the features like File Transfer, Phone Calls, Text Messages, etc., will work on all the devices. AirDroid 3 works seamlessly on both Mac and PC. So, this app will be very helpful for people who own a Mac and an Android Smartphone.

If you are looking for a Smart Android Manager for your PC, AirDroid is worth giving a shot. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download AirDroid 3 for PC and Mac OS X



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