How to Automate Repetitive Tasks with “Do It Again” [Windows]

Recently, I showed you a way to get hotkey shortcuts for typing large pieces of texts and opening files and programs. But if you want to take your time-saving techniques a step further, I strongly recommend task-automation: any repetitive task on your computer can be automated to save your time.

For complicated jobs such as testing of applications, you might need something with support for a scripting language and debugging. But to automate simple Windows tasks that are performed by the average computer user, all you need is the excellent app called “Do It Again.”

Do It Again 01

With “Do It Again” installed on your computer, you will be able to easily record any number of steps of a particular process. The application can then save this recording under a unique name. You can ‘play’ this recording whenever you want. Scenarios in which this can be very helpful include remote access and basically, any situation in which you want to trigger a long prompt-requiring process with a single action.

You can start using the application by first downloading and installing its setup file that is sized at only 0.7 MB. To begin creating a new task you should click on the “Create a New Task” button; after doing this, simply carry out the task that you wish to record. Each mouse click, movement, and keyboard stroke is recorded by the application and the count of actions is shown in the application window during the recording. When you are done recording the task, you can press the ‘Scroll Lock’ key on your keyboard. This will stop the recording and display a window where you can name the recorded task.

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Do It Again 02

With your task recorded, you can highlight it in the main menu and press the F3 key on your keyboard to execute the recorded actions. You will find that the application pauses for a quarter of a second between each action. This pause is inserted so that any application being used in the recording is given ample time to properly load up. In case of ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’ applications you can change this pausing time through the app’s menus.

Do It Again 03

One task that I regularly employ “Do It Again” for is the periodic screenshot-taking of my Windows screen. I have made a recording of the screenshot-taking action. Through the app’s action-repeating features, I can specify the number of times for the task’s execution and the time interval between each execution. Such control over recorded-task-execution is very handy to have in case you are away from your computer.

Do It Again 04

Overall, “Do It Again” greatly simplifies the process of task-automation for the average Windows user. People can now easily create recordings of a bunch of tasks and have those recordings conveniently ‘played’ once or multiple times, regardless of their physical distance to their computers.

You can get “Do It Again” from here.



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