Bookmark your favorite Facebook posts with Socioclip

We’ve featured quiet a few tools that lets you bookmark websites and what not. Facebook, however, is also filled up with interesting pictures, quirky videos and funny status messages. Here’s a free web-based service that lets you bookmark your favorite Facebook posts with a click on a mouse.

Here’s how it works. First, sign-up for a free account and install Socioclip’s Chrome extension. After you’ve done that, click on the extension and sign-in.


Now you’re good to go. Visit Facebook and you’ll notice an option beside every post ‘clip it’. If you find anything interesting that you might want to watch again or refer to it later, click clip it.


As soon you’ve clicked, a new window will open. You can add who posted this, choose a thumbnail, add descriptions and hashtags.


That clip will automatically be saved in your Socioclip’s account that you just made. To access it, visit SocioClip and sign in (top right). All your saved clips will be there.

Along-with Facebook, Socioclip also supports Quora, more support is coming soon as well. So if you find interesting stuff on Facebook everyday and want to save most of it, Socioclip is definitely for you.

Check out SocioClip

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