Fleep: An Ultimate Group Chat Application Across Devices

A few years before, emails are the primary communication medium on the Internet for both personal and official purposes. After the launch of applications like GTalk, Yahoo messenger, etc., personal communications moved to these messengers and emails were used mostly for official purposes. Though Google introduced the Instant messaging system on the Internet, WhatsApp is the first Instant messaging app to become popular among many Smartphone users. Today we have plenty of instant messaging apps available for different platforms but apps connecting all the platforms are very few. Fleep is one such app for PC, Mac and different mobile devices. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Fleep is a group chat application available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. You can also access the app’s web interface from your browser. To start with Fleep, first you have to sign up with your email account.  After completing the installation, you will be redirected to the dashboard. There you can see instructions about the options and functions of the application. The screen will be divided into two panels, the left panel will have all the chat options and discussion topics you’ve created. As you choose the options on the left, the discussions will open in the right panel.


To  start a new conversation, click the “New Conversation” option in the left panel. It  will redirect you to a new window, where you can create a new topic on the top and add members using by their email id. Also, it has an option to add contacts from your Google+ account. People who are available in chat will be displayed on the right side of the chat box. There will be five more options on the right side of the chat box. Using that you can pin the important messages, send files, add more people, change the discussion name and leave the conversation when you are done.

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You can access other “Settings” of the application near to your profile on the top right corner. The app is efficient enough to handle communications inside an enterprise. If you are running a company, this app will be very helpful to communicate with different team members in a single place. If you are an individual, you can maintain all your personal and official conversations in a single place using Fleep. So, try this app on your PC and mobile devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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