Addictive game ‘2048’ comes to Chrome browsers

Most of the recent addictive games are of the mobile format, such as Flappy Birds. However some, such as Angry Birds, have found their way onto computers also, many through either a website, or a direct app geared towards the Chrome browser from Google  The latest is called 2048.

The game is a simple, yet infuriating, puzzle. You are given a grid containing two tiles. You move each tile around until it touches another of the same value, then it merges. After each movement, a new tile (typically a 4 or a 2) is added to the mix. The goal is to reach 2048 tile (note that this is the tile, not the score).

Now you can play the game straight in the Chrome browser — no need to visit the website. To get started, head over to the Chrome Web Store, where you will find the app. It’s free to download and install.


This version will open separate from Chrome, so it doesn’t hog up a tab — something that many of us find a premium space these days, given the number sites that can be open at any given time.

This version will also run offline, making it even more convenient for those times when you are in transit and need something to do. Head over this link to grab a copy for yourself.

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