Log into Same Website With Different Accounts in a Single Window Using this Extension

If we have multiple accounts for a same web app, we can’t log into that in a same window. Either we need to choose a different browser or we need to go incognito mode  for opening another account. Previously I wrote about a chrome extension to track all the activities in your Gmail account. Today I came with another interesting extension called “Multi-Account Login”, which lets you log into the same web app with different accounts on a single browser window. You can log into any number of accounts of the same website using this extension.

You can download the extension from Chrome Web Store. Once you install the extension, you can see the “Multi-Account Login” icon in the right top corner, near to your URL bar. Then log into the website you want to open multiple accounts. After logging in click the Multi-Account login icon in your browser. It will open a  new tab. The new tab will have a MSN’s home page by default. This new tab will act as an incognito tab in your browser.


In the new tab, you can type the same website URL and log in roa different account. It is very simple to use and you don’t need to open a new Incognito window every time for logging into a different account of a website. Many users have multiple Gmail accounts but Gmail has an “Add Account” option by default. Most of the web apps, don’t have multiple login by default, this extension will be very helpful for those websites. People who maintain multiple social accounts can use this app to manage all your accounts at the same time.

You can also multi-login from the right-click context menu of the browser. Just right click on the tab you want a multi-login and choose the option “Duplicate” to open a new Incognito tab of the same website. The extension is very simple to use and understand. If you are having multiple accounts in your workplace or in your personal websites, you can use this extension to access them in a single place. Try this app on your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Multi-Account Login for Chrome



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