Sync Tabs Between Chrome and Firefox with TabCloud

I use multiple browsers — it is a hazard of my job — but I prefer to stick mainly with Chrome. That is not saying Firefox does not regularly see usage, and even Opera and Internet Explorer sometimes get a workout, but Chrome is the workhorse here. With the proper settings, Google’s browsing solution makes it easy to sync tabs across computers or even recover them after a crash, but what about moving back and forth between it and Mozilla Firefox?

That is where TabCloud enters the picture. The simple little plugin is a hidden gem for those of us cursed with multiple tabs and moves between browsers. In fact, this little powerhouse is even available for Android customers.

The extension has a rather minimum requirement — you must have a Google account. Not exactly a steep mountain to scale in that regard, as most of us maintain one for Chrome, Android, Gmail and other services. Once the extension is installed and you get logged into your account, it is time to can get started saving and syncing.

First up is the basics, the settings, which are basic in a rather extreme manner. Users can choose if they wish for their tabs to be restored in a new window or in the same one, and can decide if the extension should require confirmation when deleting saved sets, or closing open windows

tabcloud options

Once everything is set up to your liking — which probably means sticking with the default options — then you can get started with your saving and syncing duties.

The extension appears as a small cloud icon on the menu bar in your browser of choice. Click the icon and a drop-down menu will appear. When you begin, this will be empty, save for the tabs you currently have open. You will note a tiny floppy disc icon to the right of the favicons — click it save your current tabs.

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Once you begin using TabCloud on a regular basis then you will develop a list of past saves, denoted by time and date when each took place.


If you wish to keep this all from getting completely out of control then I recommend the red circle with the minus sign in the middle — I keep five and delete the oldest with each new save. This deletes that particular set, though it will prompt you confirm this removal unless you disable the option.


Tabs can become a mess in a hurry and, even if you use only Chrome, it can sometimes fail to recover them after a crash, making this extension useful to get a periodic backup. Plus if you are moving between Google and Mozilla software then TabCloud becomes an even bigger necessity. Grab it from the developer web site.



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