Using Veritabs Manage All your Chrome Tabs in a Vertical Scroll Bar

Tabbed browsing was introduced to browsers in 90’s to open multiple web pages in a single window. The tabbed browsing has improved a lot and each browser has its own tab managing options. The default tab management is not as efficient as the other third party extensions available. Before I’ve wrote about few extensions to manage tabs on Chrome. Today I came with a similar app called “Veritabs”, for Chrome tabs managment. It is one of the best tab management tools I’ve ever seen.

Tab management is not a big deal for people who do general browsing. Bloggers, Webmasters and other people who do an online based job, will work with plenty of tabs all the time. For them, a tab management extension is mandatory. For those people, who want to manage their tabs easily, Veritabs is a best choice. Right now it is available only for Chrome and you can download it from the Chrome’s web store.


Once you install the extension, you can see Veritabs icon near the URL bar. After that if you move cursor to left edge of the window, it will show all your browser tabs in a vertical scroll bar. It will be a separate sidebar which will show all the opened tabs in the same order. You can select the tabs to open it or close the unused tabs right from there. In the top of that bar, you can see a “+” symbol, which will open a new tab in your browser.


Normally the sidebar will hide if you move the cursor but in the top, you can see an arrow facing left, click that to make the sidebar stationary. Also to expand or shrink the size of sidebar click and drag the dotted icon the in top right corner. In the Veritabs settings, as of now there is only one option, that is to move the sidebar to the right side of your browser. Also there is a coming soon section, in which it has mentioned that in future grouping tabs and tab management in full screen mode will be introduced.

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Personally I found this extension very useful for me to manage plenty of tabs. Compared to other tab management extensions, Veritabs is simple and efficient. So if you are full time Internet surfer, then Veritabs is a must have extension in your browser. Download and install the extension, share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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