PDFRotator – Rotate Pages in Your PDF Files [Windows]

In my spare time I like to play the guitar – or try to, anyway. I remember when I first bought my guitar, I was looking for a guide online on how to tune my guitar. After a bit of searching I easily found a PDF file that contained the instructions. I was happy to have found something that I could view offline, whenever I wanted to tune my guitar. The sad thing was that this PDF file was, for some unknown reason, rotated ninety degrees – clockwise or anticlockwise, I cannot remember. My task then was to find something that could rotate the PDF’s pages back into an upright position. I found a couple of online services on which I first had to upload my PDF document. The process was really quite slow: first you wait for the document to be uploaded, then you wait for it to be processed, then you wait to get the completion email, and then you download the rotated file.

Needless to say, this process can be a nightmare for people who have slow internet connections and a PDF file that has a large size. I wish that at that time I had known of an app called PDFRotator.


I recently discovered this application while looking for an offline way to rotate PDF files. I was lucky enough to find this small sized app that can be easily downloaded since its setup is only 4 MB large. Once you have installed the application, you can open it and point it to the PDF file that you want rotated. You can add multiple PDF files or simply point to the folder that contains all PDF files that need rotating. The application’s options let you select the page range that should be rotated along with the angle to which you want to rotate it. These angle options include ninety degrees clockwise, one hundred eighty degrees clockwise, and ninety degrees anticlockwise.

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The output folder can be set by clicking on the “C:\Output” link in the bottom left of the application; this is the default output path for your rotated PDF documents. The output location is automatically opened once the process is complete. If you are in the other room while the process is taking place, you can set your speakers on loud, and enable the app’s beep option through its settings.


In this simple way, you are able to quickly rotate the pages in your local PDF files without having to upload or download any documents.

You can get PDFRotator from here.



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