PDF Viewer Alternaitve to Windows 8 Windows Reader For Opening PDF Files

Until Windows 7, we had to download third party applications to view PDF files. Though no doubt there are many free PDF readers available on internet, but it adds one more step after you have done fresh installation of Windows OS. But not anymore, as Microsoft has already thought of getting rid of third party PDF readers for Windows 8 with its own metro based Windows Reader to open PDF files.

If you have tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Release Preview, you would realize Microsoft does ship Windows Reader with this builds, and works flawlessly for opening and reading PDF files but it lacks many features which third party PDF readers offers.

Also thanks to two desktops, metro and default Windows desktop on Windows 8, every time you open PDF files in Widows Reader, you will need to switch between desktops as Windows Reader is metro app only. Another drawback of Widows Reader is you can open it in full screen but multitasking while reading PDF files on Windows Reader is next to impossible.

Now here is good alternative to Windows Reader, PDF viewer which also native application for opening PDF files. PDF viewer offers lot more features than Windows 8 windows reader and is perfect replacement for it. PDF viewer is also compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Here is the big list of features that PDF Viewers offers over Windows Reader.

1. View and Print PDF

2. View Modes – fit to page, fit to screen, continues view, slide show mode or full screen.

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3. Navigation – on traditional desktop based PCs you can use left and right arrow key and on touch screen paged tablets and PC you can swipe left and right

4. Zoom and Rotate- rotate documents clockwise or anti-clock wise

5. Enhance Mouse wheel scrolling

6. Speedy Launch – Since this is Native PDF viewer, it maximizes your desktop user experience without the need to switch between Class UI (Windows Desktop) and Metro UI (Slate).

7. Format Conversion – PDF viewer offers an option to convert PDF to Txt, JPG, BMP, EMF, TIFF, PNG.

8. PDF Viewer also allows you to extract text and images from PDF document.

9. Best of all, this is freeware for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Download PDF Viewer for Windows 8.



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