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Google Chrome Buzz has almost bitten me and i can’t stop myself from posting Google Chrome Related Stuff. Many news are floating arond BlogoSphere with some of them are very interesting like Seven hidden pages of google Chrome Browser.

Mean while experimenting with Google Chrome I just got stuck at finding Google Chrome shortcuts list, which seems to be not available any where. I can’t live without Shortcuts, so I myself started finding Google Chrome Shortcuts.

It took me around one hour to get some useful shortcuts list which I am posting here,

Google Chrome Browser Shortcut List

1) F3 & CTRL+F Search on Page

Search on Page

2) F5 Reload

3) CTRL+D bookmark


4) CTRL+W close Google Chrome Window

5) CTRL+E enter search query at address bar

Enter Search Query

6) CTRL+R Refresh

7) CTRL+T New Tab

8 ) CTRL+U view source

View source

9) CTRL+O Open Web Page

10) CTRL+H History

11) CTRL+J Download File History

12) CTRL+B Show/Hide Bookmark Toolbar

13) CTRL+N new Google Chrome window

14) CTRL +/- increase decrease Fonts

15) CTRL+P Print

16) ALT+D Select Address bar

17) ALT+leftArrow/RightArrow Go Backword/Forword

18) ALT+` Java Debugger

19) CTRL+TAB or CTRL+PGUP/PGDW switch between Tabs

20) CTRL+SHIFT+N Private Browsing (New incognito window)

Private Browsing Incognito Window

21) SHIFT+ECS Chrome Task Manager

Task Manager

Above shortcuts list is still incomplete. If you are aware of any Google Chrome Shortcuts and it’s not included in above list them please post it in below comment.

So start using above Shortcuts to increase productivity with Google Chrome Browser.

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37 thoughts on “Google Chrome Browser Shortcuts List”

  1. Space to scroll down.
    Alt + mouse wheel scroll to change font size
    Alt + mouse wheel to left or right (supported by newer mice) to scroll back & forth in history

  2. I have read many articles on google chrome for the past two hours. Could you plz let me know how to deleate the bookmarks from the google chrome. I am not be able to deleate the bookmark list.

  3. Is this something introduced to promote gmail ??

    btw .. can any1 answer this question of mine ..

    How to toggle between tabs .. as Alt + Tab helps to toggle between 2 windows?

  4. 1. to toggle between tabs — ctrl + tab

    2. if u type in a conversion query (e.g 8 kilometres in metres) in the address bar, DONT press enter, and wait for a few seconds, the answer comes out..

    3. i hear there is a calculator function in the address bar too.. anybody know?

  5. Thnks for the comment , but ctrl + tab just browses thr all the tabs and does not toggles back and forth between past and present tab ?

  6. Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 – Switch to the tab at the specified position number. The number you press represents the position of the tab on the tab strip.

  7. Thank You!! I was looking for one thing and now I got a whole list of shortcuts, as I’m getting more and more into chrome these will be very handy!

  8. Most of these work fine with Firefox as well, although private browsing is Ctrl + Shift + P

  9. CTRL + SHIFT + T reopens closed tab. press multiple times and reopens less recently closed tabs.

  10. How to toggle between Chrome windows (note, not tabs but rather the windows of chrome itself) Thank you for list, very useful

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