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Google Chrome Google toolbar

I had never thought we will see Google Chrome browser so early, but after all Google is Google. After reading blog feeds today, I got to know Google Chrome is available for download. I just headed myself to download Google Chrome.

I was feeling the excitement of having Google browser, and was guessing what new feature this browser is going to offer us. No offline installer for Google Chrome this was my 1st disappointment. I don’t like this idea of having online installer since every time I need to reinstall I have to download it again.

After installing Google Chrome and using for few minute, I started feeling Chrome is faster then firefox and pages loading really fast as soon as you hit the enter key. Memory consumption was under control unlike firefox which takes up huge chunk of memory.

Google Toolbar for Google Chrome

But major disappointment is, No google toolbar in Google Chrome, when ever I visit any website I have habit of checking Pagerank and apart from that opening Gmail Inbox ,Bookmarks every thing gone. also we cant install Google Toolbar, look at the message I got while trying to install Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar in Google Chrome

I am sure I won’t be using Google Chrome until I find Google Toolbar in Google Chrome.

What you guys missing in Google Chrome ?? Let us know by posting in comment section.

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146 thoughts on “Google Toolbar For Google Chrome Browser”

  1. I want g-toolbar to be installed asap.
    chrome is a great browser, but r they out of their mind? no toolbar, or its gonna be a fantastic browser

  2. I like the google chrome. It’s great but i cant use without the google toolbar with the gmail..Please address the problem…

  3. Ran into the same problem man.. I rely on that toolbar a lot. It holds my private bookmarks and everything.

    It’s still in beta I’m sure they’ll change that.

    In the meantime I’ll enjoy it when I don’t mind having some speed in a browser.

  4. no , it doesn’t requires any google toolbar. The address bar itself gives an option to make google search for what ever u type .

  5. Hi guys,
    just reached your messages for the same problem!
    Google toolbar absolutely needed!
    By the way Chrome is faster than the other browser and it seems to be a perfect mix between Firefox and Opera, with the additional Google taste about usability!
    Marco :)

  6. Of ALL the things they could forget, NO GOOGLE TOOLBAR!!! I know it was JUST released, however, due to the fact that this is “google Chrome” their own browser, I would have at least thought that it would have already come “built in” from the get go. I actually expected to already see it, but spent 20 mins looking for it to no avail. So as well, won’t be using this browser until I find out google toolbar has been made available. I’m just really surprised that it’s not hardwired into the browser already.

  7. Google crome rocks. Google always do some thing different. Well it’s in beta so I won’t say I am disappointed, I am very happy with the browsers new technology.

    Wish list :
    1. It should not show separate processes for every tab.
    2.Google toolbar is must.

    Gr8 job Google guys. :)

  8. Its beta? Everything Google has is Beta. I have had my gmail account for years and it is still beta. Beta is not an excuse when it comes to Google. New may be, but if we have to wait for it to come out of beta, it may be a long wait indeed.

  9. No toolbar, I wrote Google, have yet to here an answer.
    Will not go back to searching from the toolbar like Linux or early
    Windows-da like before “Google”.

  10. your missing the point though. The point is, is that it should have been part of the browser from the get go. It was just an initial expectation is all. I’m sure we understand that it will probably be a while until it’s part of the browser. But the initial expectation was there. You can’t honestly say that you didn’t expect it either. It’s just disappointing is all. I won’t be using it until the toolbar is compatible with their browser. I’ve used the browser a little bit for a test spin, and I must say I am impressed. However, given the fact that I utilize the toolbar itself for my bookmarks and everything inbetween, I am kinda forced to use IE for the time being.

  11. ok ok we with this kind of reaction to the toolbar crisis I think google will be adding it asap…that said Google Chrome rocks! its the fastest and most convenient browser I have ever used…and it has to be said “This thing is invisible” Great Job Google

    Yet again we NEED that toolbar your loosing another user until its in and come on you guys are default on firefox and not your own? enough said.

  12. well i downloaded google chrome yesterday, n using it is n amazing experience, well in short

    * speed
    * image preview of heavy image view
    * n no toolbar mess.

    n i m very HAPPY using this browser.


  13. Becase is faster than FIREFOX , i wiil use CHROME, even if it don’t have, my most important browser component: GOOGLE TOOLBAR!!!!
    I have my bookmarks there, and many more …
    But I can’t do nothing about this… Let’s hope Google will do!
    Because is clear now that >Google Chrome Web Browser, will be The No.1 World Browser<

  14. Looks great, but I need the google toolbar. why not integrate it in chrome. They probably want to fight all the other toolbars.

  15. Well, I miss the toolbar too but look at Chrome: how huge/wide it is and how clear it is!
    I think they (Google guys) are doing a great job on the toolbar.
    Maybe something not invasive… maybe built in a “fading” way (like hover property) so that it won’t give “visual troubles” as it will give with FF, IE and so on.

  16. hi guys did any one notice that you cant browse without images google chrome
    i looked for it every wear but cant find it.

  17. Exactly the same here, but i have already got addicted to Chrome, man it is just awesome, very simple in loading and have certain other pluses in comparison to firefox, waiting for them to release the toolbar for that,hope it comes soon

  18. I guess there is a small bug in google chrome which is the scroll wheel in mouse.
    When reading a text i can’t scroll down or up using the mouse wheel.


  19. Of course, I will miss Google Toolbar in Google Chrome. I think I will try it even though it doesn’t have Google Toolbar, because it’s REALLY fast. It’s not just a feeling, but I counted the time taken to load my favorite pages. Chrome loads page much faster than FireFox 3! It’s like what you said; the page looks as if it shows up immediately after hitting ENTER.

  20. The toolbar should already be a part of Chrome. Because that’s what Google is originally. A Search. Now providing the browser, I thought it would be common sense.

  21. Hey guys, I am pretty sure the toolbar will come soon and it will be something FANTASTIC! better than the previous one! By the way Kate you can still searching with Chrome: just type the keywords in the address bar and click enter! :)

  22. I was happy by seeing the google’s Browser ( Google Chrome). I was disappointed by the following.

    1. No option to install Google Toolbar,
    2. No option to install Add-ons: Common Plugins.
    3. No Default search toolbar like in Firefox.

  23. 1. I have my favorite URLS are in IE.. Here I could see an option of importing IE Favoriets.. but it never worked..
    2. From Internet Explorer I have a option like “Edit with Microsoft Word”. But I do not have that Option in Chrome..

    This browser is really good, but I as a developer i cannot use this browser unless above mentioned ooptions are there including google tool bar as well..

    Phani Kumar

  24. really ……got extremely interested when i read about google chrome from Reuters …and of course immediately went ahead and downloaded it. it was fantastic navigating through websites on this browser and the speed ….let me say has been extra-ordinarily thrilling. But, one thing is for sure …..WE AINT FEELING THE MOMENTS YET ……WE NEED THE TOOLBAR ASAP….

    thanks BIG TIME

  25. Google chrome does not have toolbar because it is not necessary! You all say there is no toolbar but its not needed at all.

    “No Default search toolbar like in Firefox.” You have to use chrome to say that! that “default search” is NOT NECESSARY! because its all in the same place! in the standard bar.

  26. Missing Toolbar is a bummer but they did just release it, so I’ll be patient.

    I do however have a problem with the proxy settings. I use a proxy here at work for my surfing but not for applications that run through our tunnel. I use IE for anything that has to go through the tunnel because it’s all ActiveX.

    When you set a proxy in Chrome it pulls up IE’s Internet Properties, connections tab. This is pretty much a show stopper for me. I need IE to be off of our proxy and my Work horse brower (FireFox or Chrome) to be on the proxy.

  27. Though Google chrome is so cool. but it lacks many features. first no google toolbar yet….
    but most important for me it doesnt have any print preview options as in firefox Mozilla browser.

  28. Chrome is nice (very lite to use), but IE8 Beta2 is away much faster.
    On good connections it is not something that will bother you.
    But what definitely bothers me is the lack of Google toolbar for their own browser.
    That is unforgivable.

    Oh, and another thing: javascript is still better handled by IE7 and IE8 Beta2

  29. first i installed ie 8 beta 2 no google toolbar then i installed google chrome no google toolbar allso hotmail does not work fully whats going on 2 companys cant get it right for us the consumer hello im going back to googlle ie 7 till they sort it out.

  30. I would have to agree a Google toolbar for Chrome is needed. For me, that’s the biggest stone in my way, before I’ll switch to Chrome, because I use multiple computers and like my bookmarks wherever I go.

  31. Venkata ramana Ayyagari

    A kiss without mustakes is taking an egg with no pepper and salt on it.

    Similarly your Google Chrome with out tool bar.

    Your immediate positive vibration in this context as per users choice is highly appreciated

    Thank you

    venkata ramana ayyagari

  32. Hi guys,
    just had a look at the latest browser statistics: Google Chrome has already reached 3.1% (w3school).
    Even though no toolbar yet, the browser is running very quickly! :)
    Marco :)

  33. Hi Marco,

    Can u sendme that link. i m able to find out W3schools stats link. if this the thing then mincrosoft need to launch IE9 instead of IE8 lol :)

  34. Hi JP,
    this is the link:
    If Microsoft wants to keep the pace with the competitors, it has to come up with an original great idea!
    You can see from the statistics that IE (6 and 7) are lossing market share continuously. Most of the time in the move from IE6 to IE7, Microsoft loose people! And before Google Chrome the main browsers to take advantage of it was Firefox. If you see the latest statistics (September 2008), you can see that both IE and Firefox lost market share in favour of Google Chrome! And this is a NEW BABY! :) I really bet Google Chrome is going to be the leader in a while! :)
    Marco :)

  35. No google toolbar in google chrome….:-(
    But great to find the suggestions from the browser as soon as type in the browser…
    No separate search engine box….same box can be used for searching web tooo………
    But bit slower than apple safari and firefox…
    but superior than IE…
    njoy browsinf “chrome”

    with luv,

  36. Gys,
    Can anyone give me the solution of “HOW TO UN-INSTALL A PARTICULAR PROGRAM if even UN-INSTALL file is missing…
    I have recently install macaffe antivirus in my lappy supporting Win-Vista….
    But as it was a trial version ,it got expired…But I CANT UN-INSATLL the prog. as “INV file or un-install file is missing”:…..They are showing “script error”..
    Please help…

    With luv…:-)


  37. I think that was stupid. Why not incorporate a Google add-on in it’s own browser? I was 100% sure G toolbar will be in Chrome after I installed it for the 1st time. And as you well said: “I am sure I won’t be using Google Chrome until I find Google Toolbar in Google Chrome.”

  38. i am very disappointed. google toolbar not available in opera and chrome even those are very fast. so im also waiting for…


  40. oh, also like the simpicity and minimum space it takes up , ie7 is a montrosity of buttons , even after trying to minimise everything

  41. Tell me about it!! NO GOOGLE TOOL BAR??? I am really surprised and although I love the Chrome, I simply can’t do without the G-Toolbar
    GOOGLE.. Get it quick!!!!

  42. Google is crazy. G-toolbar is their tool, Chrome also. And they can’t work together???
    Also, I can’t turn off/on JavaScript with Chrome

    Chrome is fast, very fast, but it need to improve more to keep pace with Firefox

  43. also noted that in yahoo email, which has many fancy features like font, highlighting, colours, etc, cant b used if using chrome, I will stick with IE7 until it catches up, chrome is a bit underdeveloped and unready

  44. There is a web site where someone has created bookmarks allowing you to use the same features the tool bar offers.. well most of them. It’s

    Got to admit, highly disappointed there is no actual tool bar for Chrome. doesn’t make any dang sense. Why release a product that is only half done? We have all come to expect more from Google than this.. or perhaps they are to busy sliding down the fire poles or playing in their office water park..

  45. Hello,i have been receiving peoples comments on google chrome not one of the likes not having google im using firefox with google toolbar its brilliant fast i have found not so much spy adware or viruses as internet explorer 7 i tried chrome not again.has google got a war going with internet explorer?shure seems like it.

  46. AHHHHH Hurts like a fire in the bum hole, its simple NO GOOGLE TOOLBAR NO BROWSER. They must be STUPID to have released chrome without the most used add-on for any browser. Yea its faster, but firefox is not that slow to be abandoned. Without the toolbar, i ll stick to firefox.

  47. guys u can just search in the url toolbar if its the google toolbar that u r mad about.what really pisses me of i htere is no msn toolbar.

  48. I will use the Google Chrome more when Google Toolbar is available. I rely on the toolbar for quick links to everything.

  49. I’m missing the auto-translator features mostly. I’ll change chrome one day entirely if google toolbar is back on track.

  50. google toolbar is very important because it provides features like page rank, search box, caching date and many more… its really a requirement for seo. but it is not available in google chrome.

  51. I have to agree with several of you; I love Google, but wish they had a toolbar to accompany it. I seem lost without it.

  52. Does that not tell us something/ That Google does not attach any importance to Pagerank,cos if they did it would have been part of the development plan. Google chrome is fine but don’t even use it.
    How many of you responded with this post using Google chrome?

    I’m not right now..


  54. Hello Google. Why don’t you create a web page that contains some of the toolbar functionality like bookmarks, manage-bookmarks, gmail, calendar, search, etc. Each user would log on just like for the toolbar.

    The page could be run from a single tab, kept open during the browser session, and from which additional tabs could be opened when bookmarks are selected. Some functions specific to the page would be maintained in that tab (such as are necessary to work with the functionalities located there). But, e-mail, for example, would probably be opened in a new tab.

    This would be more powerful than the toolbar. No download required – just not visible as a toolbar.

  55. Can’t use Chrome without my Google Bookmarks. It’s a show-stopper for me. I couldn’t go to Firefox until they had a google toolbar, but they do now !

  56. Since my last “Hello Google” note, I noticed that you can duplicate some of the Google bar functionality. Just Ctrl B when you’re at a page you want, right-click on the toolbar, and add page. This will allow you to put buttons across the toolbar.

    You can’t add and order as many bookmarks the same way allowed by the Google toolbar, but it helps a little.

  57. if No Google Toolbar then NO Google Chrome.

    i cant use any browser without Google Toolbar.

    Google Toolbar is very essential for me

  58. Chorome is fantastic in speed, BUT:
    1. No google toolbar ( i can’t use it)
    2. I am using firefox and i can download from any video by realplayer11, so in chrome i can’t the download batton does not appear ( sorry i can’t use it )

    I can’t use chrome antil these 2 things are not fixed.


  59. 10 Months now and no toolbar. As a retired programmer I don’t think these kids have much idea of what the customers want. Back to Explorer for me.

  60. After 10 months, has Google ever explained why no toolbar? It’s so useful for on-site searches, among other things.

    Sure, if you remember the Google search syntax, you can do that without the toolbar, if the toolbar is not needed to do that in Chrome, it’s not needed in Explorer or Firefox either…

  61. If no Google Toolbar then NO Google Chrome.
    I cant use any browser without Google Toolbar.
    Google Toolbar is very essential for me

  62. google for the people who are you trying to kid all i have had for the past ten months by E.Mail wont use google chrome no google toolbar google you must be thick stupid after ten months you are unable to put it right.Your arrogance astounds me. When are you going to wake up and give us the people what we want?

  63. For those of you who keep saying, “Just type your search query in the address bar,” you’re not considering that we’re using the Toolbar for the BOOKMARKS!!!!

    Doesn’t it seem rather backwards to not support that feature in THEIR OWN BROWSER??? Even nearly a year later? Geez!

    My patience is at an end. –SJR

  64. I agree with the majority of the people – it’s a google product seems like it would support another established google product. I like the benefits of chrome, however not being able to utilize the google toolbar I am hardly using it.
    Also I can run my gmail regular version on IE and I have to use ‘older version, or HTML version’ on chrome.
    I will keep checking to see if it becomes available but until then, I will stick with IE browsing.

  65. I use Blogger and GMail, but I’ve decided to uninstall Chrome.

    It’s largely because of the absent toolbar and equivalents to Firefox extensions, but also because of the apparent lack of any synergies with Blogger and GMail.

    It may be because of my lack of familiarity with iGoogle, but it seems that these Google products have developed their own sandboxes…I’d be delighted to know that I’m incorrect…

  66. Happy to see so many feel the same.
    I have to say I enjoy the simplicity and speed – but is that enough? Will give it a week or so.

  67. Awesomely retarded disfunctionality.

    We’ve waited enough.

    It’s close to a year now.

    Where’s the frigging toolbar already?

    It’s really funny reading all the suckers who expected it to be impelemnted right after initial release.


  68. plzzzz i neeeed the your toolbar i use it activ every day and i cant use your good browser if you dont release it . jumping to the old browser to get the bokmarks and then over to this one is a waist of time, to bad 4 a good browser

  69. Hey folks, at least 75% of the Google Toolbar functionality is actually built in into Chrome – honest :-) Got to dig a bit first. I didn’t even realize it at first, like I started searching inside pages it was there, spellchecking – there, typing google search string into address bar … Only then I turned around and yelled – hey where’s that toolbar :-)))

    So, yeah, I’d love to have a row of “buttons” like everyone else but don’t mind having the same functionality and just accessed in a different way. Not sure about the popup blocker – hardly ever saw any popups so can’t test it :-)

    Anyway, since this is the place to complain about what do you miss :-), I mostly miss some functionality from some FireFox plugins, in particular multi-row tabs (love to keep 30-40 open :-), tab coloring and ad-site blocking with updated list (huge time and bandwidth saver). Wouldn’t mind full greasemonkey equiv, but that’s on the esoteric side.

    On the matter of one process per window, it does have drawbacks, but so far Chrome has been much better in managing them compared to IE8 (which has the same system). Down the line, I’d love to see Google folks going where no man went before and using both procs and threads – wihtout crashes :-) I’ll write you a design doc if that’s going to help :-)

    For the uninitiated – using both multiple threads and multiple processes for browser windows is a hairy business. IE6 was close to it, but then they chickened out in 7 and 8. FireFox is all threads single proc, so after about 50 tabs the proces becomes huge hog. One process per window is ultra-safe, as in you can ship buggy code “inside” :-) and no one will notice, but doesn’t scale up either. Doing both requires a way for user to tell if you want new window in new thread or new proc (IE6 had it, but never publicized as a feature) and essentially zero bug code (IE6 obviously didn’t have that :-). Plus one other little thing and would take to long to write about.

  70. Man I guess the people have spoken….. we want our Google toolbar… Not to mention can’t use Roboform in Chrome either. Real disappointment!!! Come on Google we have come to hold you to a higher standard and we expect more out of you. Please let’s get this toolbar situation handled.

  71. Forget the toolbar….I want to be able to save all the tabs in one request (like in FF)…I often have new 30 tabs on one subject that I would like to come back to later. I don’t want to save each one at a time (exspecially when I am in a hurry).

  72. It’s just strange! It’s like Google is trying to support Firefox and Internet Explorer because Google toolbar is not suitable for Google Chrome! I think Google is too l.a.z.y. to make the toolbar for Chrome.

  73. Google Chrome is Much Faster than Mozilla. I am waiting for Add ons from Chrome.

    Different Theme
    Page Rank Toolbar
    Whether Forcast
    SEO Tools (Supportive )
    Twitter (Add ons)

  74. I also like the way the google chrome is much more faster,but I wonder why Google toolbar is not associated with it.

  75. chrome without google toolbar??????????
    i am angry….i will never use google chrome…..
    you bad google !!!!!
    i hate you :(

  76. In google chrome I’m unable to use several toolbars I regularly use in internet explorer. Two I would really like to see in google chrome are the google toolbar (of course) and the mcafee site advisor toolbar.

  77. All things that i want is available on chrome and it loads pages much faster than other applications but there is no google toolbar for chrome,its really disguisting…:{

  78. can search in chrome without google toolbar your address bar is your google toolbar;-)

  79. Google got too big and they don’t care what consumers want, It reminders me of Yahoo/Microsoft before google showed up, soon someone else will replace Google, they think they know better then consumers.

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