How Manuals and Services Can Enhance Your WoW Experience?

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft should be considered a universal and controversial project regarding the players who come to the game in new updates.

On the one hand, the developers have proposed a whole chain for learning – a basic introduction, the first quests that reveal the main mechanics, the issuance of initial equipment, but then everything – the player will be left to himself with complete freedom of choice without explaining the basis in the form of understanding the meta and effectiveness of each class and hunting zone.

If in terms of learning and understanding the game presented by the developer, we cannot change, but we can solve the issue of mastering the World of Warcraft with the help of specialized sites and services.

Wow Services


Skycoach is a service that will help the player learn how to play and simplify his start when playing on any character in World of Warcraft. The better your initial equipment and the higher the level of knowledge, the faster you will reach the top content and start conquering the dragon islands.

Delivery of Gold to Your Character

Gold is the main source of opportunities and comfortable playing in World of Warcraft.

For gold, you can buy good weapons for the initial levels and significantly speed up your leveling and completing quests, simply by significantly increasing the attack power of your weapon.

Gold is delivered in the same way as it is transferred from character to character, but with a number of features. You can’t just transfer a large amount of gold – this can cause suspicion among the game administration and lead to the imposition of game sanctions and the withdrawal of the purchase. Therefore, Skycoach uses various means of disguise so that the deal looks like a classic exchange between characters and does not entail any responsibility for the client through the eyes of the game administration. In case of disputes, the service provides a refund and compensation.

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Training, or Pumping A Game Character

Two different services with a similar result.

In the case of leveling, you simply transfer the account to a professional Skycoach player to level the hero to the required level 60, or 70. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and not transferring them to third parties. You track the status of the transaction on the site, change the password upon completion, and get a character ready for the Dragonflight update.

With training, the situation is more interesting and more promising than pumping.

You will swing by yourself, but under the supervision of an experienced trainer who will teach you:

  • The skills of selecting talents and skills and understanding the reasons for such a choice.
  • The ability to analyze the game meta and independently understand the future development of the character and the entire project looking at the patch notes.
  • Tactics of behavior in PVP on any class to earn medals of valor.
  • PvE strategies and the best raids for getting legendary equipment and weapons.

Blizzard Agent Went to Sleep

Blizzard Forums

If you make it a habit to read the player forums regarding the World of Warcraft project, you will be up-to-date on many issues that have been judged by other players.

For example, the player creates a question – what characteristic should the rogue be strengthened in the first place for efficiency.

Someone will say universality, someone mastery, but most of the votes will be for a critical attack and its strength.

This choice is based on the logic of the mechanic of the class itself – the rogue accumulates energy with numerous quick attacks on the target, and then moves on to skill combinations. If we take the total power of each skill and assume that it can be doubled, then the general perspective of choosing exactly the characteristics of a critical attack becomes clear. Mages and other weakly armored targets will die at lightning speed if they do not have time to close the distance in time. It may not lead even to tanks and wars, if you manage to quickly break through their defenses with your skills.

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The players themselves communicate with each other and evaluate all the posts that appear on the forum. This is a huge plus for the community – inadequate and irrelevant or irrelevant advice will be quickly challenged and highlighted by other forum members. Everything can be attributed to the experience of each player, but the majority will still follow the more correct canon and the general logic of the project. The majority will decide the value of any information and advice.

In the best option for you, you will receive a good short guide, or a set of tips that can be applied to your character.

How to Play Mage Wowhead Guide


When you get to the raids and the forks in your character development, you will realize that you need a guide.

The guide will allow you to avoid mistakes and the choice of character development in an irrelevant and incorrect direction, which will greatly complicate life at later levels and possibly even force you to create a new character.

For example, you can choose the hunter class, which is a full-fledged marksman but will branch out into an archer in the future, or a beastmaster with a radical overhaul of the overall skills and role in PvP and PvE.

The archer will remain a master of ranged combat, traps and disguises, while the Beast Mastery will become a loner class, without a pronounced need for a group and the ability to pump and equip on its own.

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Both classes will be useful in PVP and PVE, but the archer is like a shooter who needs distance and tank cover, and the Beastmaster himself can be a tank and a semi-attacking class due to tamed animals of various types.



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