How to Choose the Best Scheduling App For Students?

At first, there is nothing common in paper writing services and scheduling apps. But once you look closer, you’ll find that both phenomena are about time management. Yeap, most students prefer procrastination to strong time management. In the end, they’d better find a great paper writing service than learn self-organization.

Check the following tips from our experts on how paper writing services and scheduling apps can improve your time management.

Why are Paper Writing Services and Scheduling Apps so Popular Nowadays?

Obviously, because a modern student lacks time to combine both studying and working. The academic schedule is tough and often includes secondary subjects that are less important to students.

Meanwhile, huge student debts make learners sacrifice their studying time and opt for part-time jobs. If you lack time to write a college essay, delegate this task to the best paper writing service and learn the art of time management meanwhile.

When should a student install a scheduling app?

  • When they have to work on multiple projects simultaneously;
  • When they combine work with studies;
  • When they want to be more efficient.

When should a student install a paper writing agency?

  • When the short deadline is approaching quickly;
  • If there is a lack of knowledge on the subject;
  • If a student experiences a lack of academic writing proficiency;
  • If a student needs assistance in academic research.
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How to choose the best paper writing service and the scheduling app? Keep reading.

Check the Writer’s Proficiency in the Subject

Commonly, you place an order. The company’s support specialist might call you to specify a few details. Further, the company will assign you a writer. Now, this is where you’d want to check a few things. Your essay’s success will depend on the specialist who has confirmed your order. Before they start working on the project, ask them a few questions as follows:

  • What is their education?

A writer might not specialize in your discipline. What if they graduated from Humanities, and you need someone with a Business degree?

  • What is their academic and work background?

Again, this question will let you check your writer’s efficiency as a professional.

  • Can your writer show the samples of their academic projects?

An academic writer might be an amazing specialist. However, their understanding of what a narrative essay should look like might differ from yours.

Payment and Refund Policies

Even the best paper writing service is a business with a goal to attract customers and accumulate wealth. Check the average prices in the industry and find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the average price per page?

Most companies will have similar prices, while other companies will suggest a different policy. For instance, an essay written by a non-native speaker will be cheaper than an essay by a native writer;

  • Does the company provide revisions?

Some agencies might refuse to confirm revisions, while others will have special price policies. For instance, if the text requires minor alterations, the revision might be free;

  • Does the agency have a refund policy?

Some companies might not have a refund policy. Anyway, check-in which cases the agency might return the customer’s money back.

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Software and Organization

A solid paper writing agency will have 24/7 support. At the same time, they’ll contact the writer immediately if you have questions. We advise you to check the average response time of the writer you’ve been assigned to. This is especially important if you have a project with a short deadline.

As for the software, ask the writer which writing programs they use. For instance, whether they use plagiarism checkers or manage Turnitin reports.

If your project is complex, check the opportunity to divide your project into milestones.

Ask the agency whether you should pay after each milestone or per project.

One-Size-Fits-All is Not the Best Strategy

But what if you don’t plan to ask the best writing service for help and simply want to improve your time management? Now, this is where you’d want to check scheduling apps. Most of them are easy to download and have a user-friendly design. This is along with a desktop version, and no need to pay.

What to look for when searching for the best scheduling app?

  • Features and functions. Some apps have a to-do list option, while others don’t. Most of the time management apps will be universal for everyone, while others will target students only;
  • Affordability. Some apps are completely free, while others have a small entrance fee;
  • Is the app customizable? This is especially important if you have specific data-related needs. Or if you require an app that integrates with other software tools.

Check the List of the Best Scheduling Apps


This planner app allows learners all over the world to create to-do lists. By composing a well-detailed to-do list, you won’t forget the project’s deadline. You’ll also be more organized and self-disciplined when it comes to daily tasks.

Why choose Wunderlist?

  • It has reminders while allowing the user to make quick notes;
  • The app provides a subtasks feature;
  • The tool can automatically synchronize with other apps.
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This app focuses on group meetings. If you need to schedule a meeting with your groupmates, use this tool. The app will effortlessly synchronize with your Google Calendar and suggest collective scheduling. It also has a Meeting Poll feature to let the participants vote on the meeting’s time and date.

myHomework Student Planner

This app targets students as potential users. The tool allows them to organize their studying and enhances their academic success.

Why install myHomework Student Planner?

  • The app tracks your homework deadlines;
  • The tool reminds you about future tests;
  • It has homework widgets.

My Study Like

Designed specially for students, the app allows users to track their academic assignments. With the tool’s help, one can easily organize their college life and perform successfully. It automatically synchronizes with other calendars and can be used offline.

Final Thoughts

College students often struggle with effective time management. However, with the use of cross-platform planners and writing agencies, they can become more efficient. When choosing a writing agency or a scheduling app, pay attention to the customer’s reviews and the app’s features.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!



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