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UPDATE: Available in US , UK and Australian app stores  now.

Opera mini browser for iPhone platform was officially submitted to the Apple  App store on March 23, 13:25 CET. Admist all speculations from around the world on whether it will see lights through Apple’s app store or not, Opera Mini was finally approved by the gatekeepers of Apple Inc today.It took them exactly 20 831 Now this makes Opera mini the speedest browser among all the iPhone browser variants out there.

Opera mini for iPhone as in the case of their apps for other platforms, relies on Opera’s servers to render and compress pages before sending them back to the iPhone aka server-side rendering. This is reason for its top speed and it outruns iPhone OS native browser, Safari big time. Another notable feature of this app is its ability to locally cache the data downloaded, thus making page back a fast deal. Also includes the ability to search within the content of a Web page.

Opera also released their official video demo of Opera mini running on iPhone OS. According to the video, when 5 pages of New York times loaded, only a single page of it was loaded on Safari. That suggests the power and potential of Opera Mini 5 for iPhone OS.

Download Opera mini for iPhone now

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