PC Games Keep Crashing: Here’s How to Fix Them

Fix PC Games Crashing

Most of us love to play games on our PC. The gaming industry has grown up so much that today we have computer systems specifically configured and manufactured for gaming purposes.

When we get a new game, we expect it to run smoothly without any troubles. Most of the time, games run perfectly if their requirements are met; however, there are times when games get launched successfully but get crashed in the middle of the gameplay. Many users get frustrated as their computer games keep crashing after the launch.

There could be several reasons for this thing to happen, it can be a problem with your system’s hardware or software, or it can also be other problems like game installation error and similar.

In this post, we would walk through the top reasons why PC games keep crashing and possible fixes for that.

Why do Games keep crashing on my PC?Fix PC Games Crashing

As mentioned in the introduction, there could be various reasons for the games crashing after getting launched. It can be varied from game to game. Here is the list of top common reasons why PC games get cracked:

  1. Your system does not match the minimum required specifications to run the game.
  2. If you are playing an online game, your internet connection is probably not fast enough, causing it to crash.
  3. If the crashing problem is specific to a single game, it might be because its settings are not configured correctly.
  4. To enhance their CPU performance, many gamers overclock their system. However, too much overclocking has adverse effects causing the games to crash.
  5. The computer system might be infected with a malware
  6. Drivers of the computer are outdated.
  7. Some other applications are using too much CPU resources.
  8. Your system does not have additional software to run the game like DirectX.
  9. There is a problem with the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of your device.
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How to fix Games Crashing on PC?

Here are the top fixes to the Game Crashing problem on the PC:

Upgrade System Specifications

Many people knowingly or unknowingly ignore the minimum system requirement before getting a game. If a device does not meet the minimum specifications requirements, the game would crash repeatedly or would not run at all. If you seriously want to play a frequently crashing game because your system specs are not compatible, it is advised to upgrade your device to meet the requirements and play games flawlessly. Generally, good games need a fair amount of RAM, like up to 8 GB and a good GPU.

Ensure Internet is Fast

While playing online games, makes sure that the internet connection you are using is fast and stable. A slow connection would increase the game lag time and eventually cause the game to crash. Similarly, if the internet is unstable or not constant, the game might find it challenging to run and can crash frequently.

Configure the Correct Game Settings

Sometimes the cause of the game crash is not the system but the internal game settings. Many top games have internal dedicated graphical and other configurational settings. Launch the game, navigate to those settings, and adjust them as per your system specifications.

Fix Overclocking

Many gamers overclock their CPU to make them faster and gain performance benefits. However, in the process of overclocking, sometimes, they do it too much, which causes the reverse effect and crashes the games repeatedly. To undo the overclocking, you need to reset your processor and GPU to their default settings. Further, if you need to overclock in the future, take help from the IT experts or someone who has in-hand experience of overclocking.

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Remove Malicious Programs

Some malware programs are specifically designed to stop other processes and apps running in the system, including the games. If your games are continuously crashing in the middle and all your hardware and software configurations are perfect for running games, then it is certain that a malicious program is causing the crash. You can follow the malware removal guides to know how to remove malware programs like Adware, Browser Hijacker, Ransomware, and more.

Update your Drivers

Drivers are the bridge to connect system hardware to the operating system. For running the PC games smoothly without any interruption, it is essential that all the vital drivers, such as the Graphics Card driver, are updated to the latest version. To check for the latest driver updates, you can visit the official website of the hardware manufacturers. Alternatively, you can get a dedicated driver updater application that would automatically check for the driver updates and update them whenever a new one is found.

Ensure that Resources are used wisely

Many times, games crash because any other program or process is vigorously using system resources like RAM. To ensure that your game runs smoothly, close all unnecessary applications and end non-essential processes from the Task Manager. Also, keep an eye on the apps that needlessly consume the system resources. Such programs can be potential malware.

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Get Additional Tools

Almost every modern PC games require additional tools like Java or DirectX to run. If your system does not have such tools or you chose to ignore installing them, then your games are sure to get crash or not even start. Many games installation disk comes loaded with the installation of such additional tools. You can easily get them on the internet as well.

Fix your system’s PSU

Sometimes having a powerful Graphical Processor Unit can create a problem. If you have added an advanced GPU to your system, but the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the same old, then the GPU would not get enough power to perform at its best. In order to get a proper and continuous power supply, you require to upgrade your PSU.

Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions worked for you, then the crashing problem might be because of the game installation error. To overcome this, it is recommended to uninstall the game entirely and then freshly reinstall it by adequately following the installation steps.

Bottom Line

The game crashes in the middle of the gameplay can be really frustrating, and if it happens repeatedly, it can be disastrous. To solve this problem, first, it is essential to know the cause behind it. It might be anything like incompatibility, network issues, and more mentioned in the guide. After learning the cause, you can quickly fix the problem by following the solutions provided in this post. Even if you cannot determine why the games are crashing on the PC, you can apply all solutions one by one, and undoubtedly one of them would work for you.

Happy Gaming!



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