How To Send A Fax With iPad

Faxing might seem as an outdated practice to some people, but the fact is that a large number of companies still use the faxing method in their offices for transferring important official documents. Hence, fax is still alive in many parts of the world.

This is mostly because these companies have been using faxing for a long time and it will be a hassle to change the mode of communication to some other way. And also that fax is secure and safe than any other way, which is why it is preferred.

However the traditional faxing methods are not easy at all, more like impossible nowadays. As the old faxing method includes big and bulky fax machines, they are not at all preferred or usable in today’s world. That is why most organizations are going towards the method of internet faxing.

You can know all about this new digital faxing trend from GoogleFaxFree. It’s a blog site having all sorts of information about the new trends in the faxing market. Give it a visit if you wish to start faxing through the internet using your cellphone, iPad or even laptop.

Is Faxing from iPad Possible?

The simple answer is Yes. It is not only very possible and doable but also quite a lot easier to fax with an iPad or any other device than the traditional fax machines. If you don’t get much, continue this guide till the end to have the full grasp of it.

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Are you wondering how it is even done? Well, we are here to provide you the answers. iPads are not actually equipped with the faxing feature in the first place, as fax works through the use of analog signals.

That is why, an in-between service or medium is necessary to make faxing possible on iPads. For this reason, CocoFax is the simplest and easiest solution. You can use CocoFax to send and receive faxes on iPads and many other devices like laptops and tablets etc.

CocoFax – Your Perfect Faxing Partner

If you wish to send and receive faxes through your Mac or iPad, CocoFax is the perfect place to come to. CocoFax simply turns your iPad into a high end faxing machine and you can perform all the faxing work on it.

Cocofax - Free Fax From iPad


You can learn more about this amazing fax service through GoogleFaxFree, try this Fax solution for Mac and you will never regret using it as it’s the best. GoogleFaxFree can give you anything you need to know about faxing and the best devices for using digital fax.

CocoFax has a well reputed name all over the world. It is known for its quality fax services and over a million users. Even some of the biggest news agencies like The New York Times, PCMag, PC World and Forbes etc. have praised CocoFax’s services.

Where working and features are concerned, CocoFax has the best ones in town. You can use CocoFax to send as well as receive faxes not only on iPads but also on a variety of other devices like PCs and laptops. That is why CocoFax is considered as the best and the most usable fax service in the whole world.

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fax from mac


When it comes to online fax services, you need to find one that is both reliable, trustworthy and also does the job really well. And it is quite difficult to find one that is safe and also does the faxing work well and effective. That is why CocoFax is the best choice.

CocoFax is also the most secure fax service. It is not at all like those scam services on the internet which claim to do the work for you but end up stealing your data. That is why people love to use CocoFax as they consider it the safest online fax service in town.

Stepwise Guide to Fax from iPad

When you are using CocoFax, you can make use of the ultimate faxing benefits it provides, like there are multiple ways to send and receive faxes through iPad. You can use your email address to transfer your faxes or you can use the CocoFax online dashboard to fax your documents.

Here we will discuss the way through which you can fax your documents through your iPad using the CocoFax online dashboard. Follow the steps below and start using CocoFax right away.

Step 1:

If you wish to fax your document through the internet by the use of any online fax service, you will first have to sign up with it. Same is the case with CocoFax, you will need an account on CocoFax first in order to use it. So that will be the first step for digital faxing.

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free trial account info


CocoFax requires no account information or payment details in order for you to sign up with it. Creating an account with CocoFax is absolutely free. Moreover, you also get to use all the faxing features free of cost for the first 30 days if you sign up using the 30-day free trial.

Step 2:

When the sign up process is finished, you will automatically be redirected to the online dashboard provided by CocoFax. On this dashboard, all your received faxes will appear, if you have received any.

send fax with cocofax

For sending a fax, you need to click on the ‘New Fax’ button. After that, the fax composing window will appear and you will have to fill in the details. Start off by writing the fax number in the ‘To’ field. The fax number is followed by the extension ‘@cocofax.com’.


After that, write the subject of your fax which will appear on the first page of your fax document. Also, fill in the Cover Page field which is just like the body of an email. Attach your fax file and send your fax after double checking it once.


So, now that you know about the best fax service to send and receive online faxes, start using CocoFax right away to have the best faxing experience.



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