How to Enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

Windows 7 Run Command

Windows 7 has lots of new goodies and several feature has been replace or rename in windows 7 like Quick launch Bar and Windows DreamScene. Traditional RUN command of Windows XP and Windows Vista has been replaced with renewed Windows 7 Search bar.

Windows 7 Search bar is little slower as compared to Traditional Run command which allows us to run any command, exe right form start menu due the fact that Windows 7 Search bar searches for all files, folders & executables. But you can get back Run command in windows 7. Here is guide to get back Run command in Windows 7 Start menu.

How to Enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

1. Right Click on Windows 7 Start Menu and select Properties

Windows 7 Start Menu

2. Click on Customize under Start Menu tab

Start Menu Properties

3. Scroll down and locate Run Command checkbox

Enable Run Command

4. Check “Run Command” option to enable Run command in your Start Menu, click Ok and Apply and save settings.

That’s it, Now check your start menu and you should see Run Command

Windows 7 Start Menu With Run Command


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39 thoughts on “How to Enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu”

  1. This shows how to bring up a run dialog, but what about programs that used to use run.exe to launch? For example, Cygwin-X brings up a bunch of DOS windows while try to set up an xterm. They all fail, so Cygwin stops running.

  2. That works (Windows-R) but if you have to issue a Run Command as Administrator, you’ll need the shortcut instead.

  3. An easier way to do it: Windows Key + R, and then…
    cmd /c “taskkill /f /im explorer.exe && del %AppData%..LocalIconCache.db /a && explorer.exe”

  4. I am having the same problem. If you got your fixed could you please tell me how to fix mine? I am sooo frustrated. Thank you so much.

  5. I am using windows 7 with 32 bit
    I Installed java 1.6 and oracle 10g in system
    But I am unable to run jdbc programs
    when i am trying to run these programs the system displays jdbc drivers not installed
    plz send information about execution of these programs

  6. When I want to run an application, this pops out : “This Microsoft Windows operating system is not supported by the application”. 
    How do I go about to get the support?

  7. It is true that this pins the Run function to the Menu, but some Run functions flash on the screen so fast that you cannot read them. For example, when I ping a URL the ping response flashes so fast that I cannot read the ping results. I’ve tried adding “ping URL -w 100” but this does not help.

    My question is how do you make the ping results display an appropriate amout of time?

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