How to Know If You Are Being Spied on the Internet

You Are Being Spied on the Internet

Almost everything is done online now especially during this COVID-19 pandemic where working from home and social distancing is encouraged.

7 Ways to know if you are being spied on the Internet

Working online requires good internet connectivity. The internet has attracted people who do malicious things through spying on people and the information they work on the Internet. Below are seven ways in which someone can know if they are being spied on the Internet.

1. View active connections to the internet

Through the device one is using to connect to the Internet may it be a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet one can view active connections to the internet. This is possible for example through Windows where an Internet user can check the remote address that they are specifically using.

One could make use of a TCPView by closing down their active browsers and then sorting the list of active connections by use of the remote port. Getting a package that will protect your computer from being spied on would be wise. TCPView will enable you if your gadget is being remotely monitored and to stop this, all you have o do is end the connection by right-clicking on the process.

2. Use an Anti-Spyware Program

Installing an antispyware program is also another measure one can use to know when their computer is being monitored or if you are being spied. A good antivirus would come in handy here and this is the reason why a person who owns a computer and accesses the internet should lookout for the best antivirus protection at the best price. Anti-spyware programs detect spyware but also prevent the gadgets one connects to the Internet to avoid being monitored through webcams.

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Additionally, anti-Spyware programs can also block anything malicious through the Internet to your computer.

3. Check the Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi is defined as wireless networking technology. It is a service that allows Mobile phones, computers including desktops and laptops, and printers to access the internet. Wi-Fi can be individualized or public.

An Internet user must check the Wi-Fi security of the wireless router they are using. Some Wi-Fi connectivities could have the capability to capture the personal information of an internet user. This should hence keep anyone using Wi-Fi especially the public ones very cautious about their security.

4. Monitoring your computer might be required

If one accesses the internet through their gadgets such as smartphones or a computer, they must have personal passwords to protect what they do over the internet. This would, however, need more attention if one uses public gadgets for example in their workplace or school.

It is very common for firms to have their virus detectors, anti-spyware programs, and tools to keep their gadgets safe. To keep this at bay, ensure that you get to know the various ways in which your computer is being monitored. This may however put the internet user at risk as all the information they input via the gadgets may be easily traced if the computer one is using can be monitored.

The fastest and easiest way one can get rid of this is deleting their history once they use a browser and check all the places where that information could be stored. This would be necessary especially if the information is not related to what you do in that office or institution. Internet gurus or technology experts may however have an upper hand dealing with this especially if they necessarily have to use those public computers for certain tasks.

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5. Check for open ports

A computer has access to the internet through certain ports. These ports are referred to as network ports. Common network ports include 443,80 and 21. There are however extra ports which depend on the computer’s installation. A google search would reveal to you what more network ports are available in the market.

Having a lot of network ports open however is that a malicious person could use them to access your computer and get to see your files, passwords you could be using, and also give your computer viruses. This is a dangerous thing that anyone who owns a computer would like to avoid and not come across.

An internet user can avoid getting to such risks by closing down network ports that are logged in through your router. You could also make use of a network port checker that scans all the network ports on your computer.

6. Check if Your Camera is Misbehaving

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, in this period of COVID-19, a lot is being done online. Work, school is all run on an online basis. This means that various platforms are being used to ensure that all of this runs smoothly. These platforms include zoom, skype, and google meet. For this to go as used too physically, the video option must be used for people to converse while seeing each other maybe for a meeting or a class session.

The use of your computer camera is an opportunity that hackers take advantage of and can get through to your computer just by using it. A way to notice this is when your camera starts misbehaving. Any unusual thing that a computer user detects when using his or her computer camera could indicate that you are being spied on.

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7. Strange storage files

One should always be aware of the files that exist on his or her computer. The realization of strange storage files would be an indication that someone spied on your computer. This usually comes through in one’s webcam storage folder.

To prevent hackers from accessing your storage files or adding onto them, ensure the settings on your webcam are according to your set specifications.


This article highlighted seven ways that make someone know that they are being spied on the Internet. The seven ways are viewing active connections, using an Anti-Spyware program, checking the Wi-Fi security, monitoring your computer might be required, and checking for open ports. Other ways that one would know they are being spied on is through checking if your camera is misbehaving and checking if you have strange storage files.



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