Best Laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting Reviews from Amazon: Updated 2020

Similar to how we have MacOS, Windows XP or Windows 7, 8 and 10, Kali Linux is a pretty advanced, powerful and a Linux based operating system. It is a free-to-download and free-to-use Debian-derived Linux distribution which is functional in both PCs as well as laptops. And talking of the machine this program is functional on, here we bring to you the best laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting (Reviews) – because a portable yet powerful laptop is what you will need to effortlessly run the system.

Kali Linux has been financed, created and managed by Offensive Security Limited which is amongst the primary organizations to provide Info Security training and courses. Kali serves as the primary OS for penetration testing (pen testing) to examine the security strength of systems and help prevent cyber-attacks on confidential data. Penetration Tester is a complete job in itself and it’s also highly rewarding. Therefore, if you have the right resources, a certain level of programming language knowledge along with a dedicated mindset, pentesting is your thing! And, processing all of that information would require you to have an advanced laptop that eases the job. So, you’ve landed at the right place! Keep reading to know more about Kali Linux, its uses, advantages and the best laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting along with in-depth reviews of each of those. The entire list of products is currently available on Amazon for your convenience – that’s what we like about online shopping!

List of all products …

S. No. Product Ratings Reviews Price
1. OMEN by HP 4.4/ 5 33 Check on Amazon
2. Razer Blade 15 4.3/ 5 40 Check on Amazon
3. Apple MacBook Pro 4.4/ 5 113 Check on Amazon
4. ASUS FX503VD 4/ 5 105 Check on Amazon
5. Acer Aspire E 15 4/ 5 799 Check on Amazon
6. Acer Predator Helios 300 3.9/ 5 361 Check on Amazon
7. MSI GP73 Leopard-609 3.8/ 5 43 Check on Amazon
8. HP Pavilion 3.8/ 5 45 Check on Amazon
9. MSI GV62 8RD-200 3.7/ 5 429 Check on Amazon
10. ASUS TUF 3.5/ 5 152 Check on Amazon

Introduction to Kali Linux…

Basically, Kali Linux is employed for penetration testing, security analysis or reverse engineering. All in all, this OS has been developed for understanding ethical and positive tasks. However, coming to hacking – there are both constructive hackers as well as the destructive ones. Some of them use such systems for criminal purposes while others may use it with upright intentions. In technical terms, programs such as Kali Linux are employed by all kinds – grey, black and white hat hackers. They use this OS for their own particular reasons. Although, if you want to systematically understand the concepts of hacking or become a security expert – Kali Linux can help and comes as a legal activity. So, with minimum effort, you are able to get maximum output. It’s nothing to fret about – Kali Linux is just another operating system but a bit more detailed and advanced utility that makes white hat hacking much easier.

What Is Kali Linux Used For?

For instance, if you want to go for penetration testing, check a website’s security strength or perform a brute force/ dictionary attack, you will require a tool or some sort of a program to code for it. Writing such codes is a pretty exhaustive and time-consuming task. However, Kali Linux OS comes with several pre-installed tools that offer hacking-related codes/ programs. This way, you won’t have to manually devise a code, rather make use of the tools already present on the operating system. These do not require repetitive coding but just a few edits here and there. In no time, you can customize the codes for your personal needs. Since it’s an open community, anyone can contribute towards making the tools/ programs usable for Kali Linux. Advanced programmers/ developers can create codes and submit their work to the Kali Linux developers. Once these officials like the idea and approach and also feel the need to incorporate the same on this OS, the same can happen with updated versions. So, the pre-installed programs on Kali Linux are essentially created by advanced programmers for the improvement of servers that lack the required security or similar stuff.

Tools Available

Punch in your username and password details to open up the desktop window as in with Windows or other operating systems. We’ll give you a rough idea* of what all tools/ apps/ programs you get with Kali Linux that may help at an advanced level. The OS incorporates the following:

Information Gathering – Comprehends the website/ server statistics, nothing graphical but more of commands to directly gain access to the required info without any showoff.

Vulnerability Analysis – Finds out the loop-holes of a website that makes it vulnerable to unethical hacking or losses.

Web Application Analysis – Analyzes the security of online portals such as Zoomla, WordPress, etc.

Database Assessment – If you want to scan the entire database no matter if you have the access or not can be done through these tools (depending on how secure the other database is).

Password Attacks – These are for educational purposes, however, black and grey hat hackers may use these otherwise. So, make sure you are using Password Attack tools for ethical purposes only and not to damage someone else’s system.

Wireless Attacks – As the name suggests, this program is for testing the wireless technology and the associated attacks.

Reverse Engineering – It is mostly used to crack commercial software and is especially useful where the source isn’t available.

Exploitation Tools – These execute exploit codes against a remote system.

Sniffing & Spoofing – In internet language, Sniffing & Spoofing basically means phishing. So, catching hold of the network traffic is what such tools aim at.

Post Exploitation – Once the target’s system has been compromised, these tools work on determining the value of the undermined data.

Forensics – This is an advanced tool that also involves encryption.

Social Engineering Toolkit – It is aimed at taking full advantage of the advanced technological attacks in the social-engineering type environment.

Reporting Tools – The system reports essentially tell you the results of the operation you’ve performed.

System Service – These are for custom maintenance.


(Image for representational purposes only)

Apart from the above-mentioned tool, Kali Linus also has scope for entertainment needs. So, when you want to take a break, you can hop onto playing music, videos or check out your photographs. You’ll get n number of tutorials online to learn how to operate each of the programs. So, it won’t be difficult at all.

*This is just a gist of the available tools on the Kali Linux operating system. We simply want to provide the information for educational purposes and nothing else. This article essentially focuses on listing the best laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting (reviews) so you have a solid base to start with. Rest, there are several tutorials available out there to learn more about ethical hacking. Simply Google those out and you are good to go!

What is the Advantage of Kali Linux?

Security Auditing along with Penetration Testing is the motivation behind developing such an advanced program. Kali Linux tools ensure information safety that is always vulnerable to attacks and getting compromised since all of it stays on the cloud which is dangerous unless strict boundaries aren’t created.

Advantages of Kali Linux:

  • It’s an incredible learning tool
  • Linux based distribution
  • Particularly formulated for information security purposes
  • Comes with 600+ Pre-installed penetration testing applications to work upon
  • It is for tech-savvy individuals
  • Appropriate for vulnerability testing
  • Has a light to use interface
  • May/ may not require high-end hardware needs
  • Easily available online tutorials
  • Operates even on Raspberry Pi
  • Forensics tools help recover even accidentally deleted data
  • It is an open-source system
  • Several advanced programs are free, legal and safe
  • Completely customizable
  • Isn’t prone to viruses
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processors
  • Multiple language support
  • Some claim that it’s even faster than Windows
  • It’s great for existing Linux users
  • It adheres to the File system Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  • Allows full (USB) disk encryption
  • Enables accessibility even for the blind or visually impaired

Kali is said to be a hacker’s paradise however it’s just another operating system that comes with a pre-installed library of codes and programs that work to disable the security perils of a server. White hat hackers use it for positive purposes however black hat hackers can do the opposite. Also, you cannot become a hacker or security expert by installing this OS on your laptop/ PC. Kali simply creates a path for you to enter into a host, rest depends on how capable are you to invest your brains into it.

How to Choose Best Laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting: Best Buying Guide

Before getting into buying a laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting, let us tell you what can help you make the right choice. This will ensure you don’t have a hard time finalizing a product. Since Kali is a versatile OS, not all distributions are compatible with the laptops you get your hands on. Despite the high-end hardware, installation can get difficult. You may have to install additional drivers, yet some of the features might still not work.

So, there are several aspects to look at while purchasing a laptop for Pentesting and Kali Linux use. But, here we concentrate on just a few major ones to make your search absolutely easy. Plus, whichever device you pick for your purpose, it shouldn’t be with weaker or outdated specs. Therefore, here’s what can help you make an informed decision.

i) Processor:

When you want to run your laptop on Kali Linux operating system, it is recommended not to go for anything less than i5. If you have the budget to invest in something better, go for i7 but to get the most out of your device, an i5 processor helps you do the job. The two ensure absolute performance.

ii) RAM:

For the kind of use you are looking at, an 8 GB RAM would suffice the requirements. That’s the least suggested for professional uses. However, in our opinion, 16 gigs of RAM is the ideal option but you can choose amongst the two to not face memory-related issues. Although Kali is pretty light and efficient on its own, you can even run the packages on as low as 256 MB RAM. But, what most of us fail to understand is the importance of having enough RAM. It is this piece of hardware that stores the required variables. So, if you don’t have enough, you won’t have enough.

iii) Graphics:

To run the laptop on Kali Linux operating system, it isn’t necessary to have a high-end or dedicated graphics card. Even the Integrated one has the capacity to reach up to your expectations. However, if you wish to invest in a laptop for a longer time, get one with a dedicated GPU so you remain stress-free at least from this end. And, what’s better than NVidia – the topmost market player and a go-to option.

iv) Storage:

Coming to the storage needs of the best laptop for Pentesting and Kali Linux, one with a 250 GB SSD can be great in our opinion. HDDs too are the preferred ones but when you have the budget, go for the former one. Our choice will anytime be an SSD over HDD in case the budget isn’t a constraint.

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v) Battery Life:

Once you’re sure of the in-depth technical specs, also consider the battery life so you don’t have to spend a lifetime near a charging slot. It’s a crucial aspect to look at! So, if the machine gives you 2 to 3 hours of usage, we’d not suggest you buy that one. Anything between 3 to 6 or more hours of usage in a single charge would be ideal for running Kali Linux.

vi) Compatibility:

Once you’ve found the laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting use, make sure you also know if it’s actually compatible to run the OS or not. There are dedicated forums to know what other users prefer along with the problems faced and troubleshooting procedures. If not that, you may get in contact with any of the Linux Distros to eliminate uncertainties. They even sometimes have a list compiled of the laptops suitable for Kali so you can even make use of those. However, do thorough research from your end in case you want to find any solutions.

vii) Budget:

Who doesn’t high-end specs appeal to? They run the laptop really smooth and enable you to achieve more. However, Kali is a relatively light software that’s also not specs-hungry. It’s pretty efficient and doesn’t use as many resources as Windows or Apple OS tend to thrive on. So, if you want to save on your budget, get a device that’s somewhat with lower specs and nothing high-end.

Additional Features:

Touch Screen for better functionality, a fingerprint sensor for enhanced security and pre-installed OS for advanced usage, etc. are some great features a laptop comes equipped with. However, make sure that these out of the box features are compatible with the Linux packages you wish to install. If not, you may have to manually install the supported drivers to work out these features.

Best Laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting Reviews: Updated 2020


1.OMEN by HP 17-inch  Laptop Review

This 8th Generation Intel Core i7 high-performance processor laptop is amongst the chosen laptops for Pentesting and Kali Linux uses. It has stunning specifications to look at. This laptop for pen testing boasts of a 17 inches anti-glare IPS display with GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB video graphic. Talking of the storage options, Omen comes with (upgradable) 16 GB DDR4 RAM along with 1TB HDD & 128 GB PCIE SSD. The device gives you desktop performance along with a 100% portability factor. It has a fresh and pedestrian design and looks very much like carbon fiber, though it’s still plastic but with maximum airflow potential. It’s equipped with the needed ports including Type A and C, USB 3.1, Ethernet, HDMI, full-size SD card slot, mic, headset, and the power plug. Display options are also available and you can choose the one based on the purpose of use. But these are virtually bezel-less, matte and vivid.

It’s overall an impressive laptop, however, considerably heavier than other average devices. OMEN software provides several modifiable features. Disassembling, on the other hand, is more extensive and you won’t be able to get to the insides without pulling off the entire bottom. But, upgradability is pretty awesome.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 17.3 inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

Storage: 1000 Gb Hybrid Drive


Operating System: Windows 10

Battery Life: Up to 6 Hours

Weight: 8 pounds

Pros Cons
Great performance A little expensive
Easy upgradability Screen & heating issues
Intensive cooling features
NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics
Anti-glare display
Aggressive design


Editor’s Note:

OMEN by HP is a reasonably priced and specced laptop. Some may find the 15-inch variant much portable and lightweight as compared to the 17-inch bulky device. However, even if you get the latter one, the weight is manageable if you have a sturdy bag. But, the screen size of 17 inches is really nice and bright. Also, we are a fan of the overall design and so will you be.

2.Razer Blade 15 Review

The reality is quite optimistic – the Razer Blade 15 laptop is one of the best gaming laptops. In fact, the specifications are incredible enough to support 100% functionality of even Kali Linux OS. The 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H 6 Core processor is super-fast to suffice all your Linux related needs. 16 gigs of RAM double-checks the requirement. And, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD storage makes it one of the best laptops for Kali Linux and Pentesting in 2020. However, it is more of a Windows (10) focused machine than offering you support particularly valid for running Kali Linux OS. But, you can double boot the system to suffice the needs and download the required drivers.

The model comes in three storage variants including 512 GB, 1 TB as well as 2 TB along with 128 GB and 256 GB SSD options. This not only ensures more capacity but also better speed and performance. Quality is top-notch, has a great screen resolution and the size is pretty sleek. According to certain reviews on Amazon, the Razer Blade 15 has a durable design however the plastic feels really cheap and we totally go with it. The trackpad is awkwardly large and accidental touches here and there are possible. Nonetheless, it will definitely cater to your Linux needs since this OS does not require high-end essentials but something that the Razer Blade 15 typically offers.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 17 inches

Resolution:  1920×1080 pixels

Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q

Storage: 1000 GB Hybrid Drive


Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

Weight: 4.48 pounds


Pros Cons
Slim & compact Cheap plastic feel
Heavy-duty model Noisy fan
Dual storage (SSD & HDD)
Great battery life
Sturdy built

Editor’s Note:

It is the perfect combination of design, power, and value for the money price range. Unquestionably, Razer Blade 15 is an efficient dupe of MacBook. The screen is sharp and vivid, the battery lasts for around 6 hours but the laptop may not be durable enough. We found it’s not that reliable in terms of years that you can operate it for. All-aluminum built makes it a fingerprint magnet. It isn’t a lightweight model and also not ultra-portable. This one’s ideally a base model so certain things might just be missing. However, talking of the Linux support, it performs pretty well and is worth using. You will not be disappointed on that note.

3.Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Touch Bar)

Well if budget is not a constraint and quality is your priority, Apple MacBook Pro 15 (15 inches – 13 inches also available) is hands down the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing in 2020 from Amazon. Yes right, it’s a stunning device that comes with both looks and performance. Powered by the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, it boosts your productivity several steps ahead. To up the power, even more, MacBook Pro 15 comes with 16 gigs of RAM and a 4 GB AMD Radeon Pro 555X graphics card. Blazing fast storage needs are also fulfilled with 256GB SSD integration and the 10+ hour battery life makes it even better. You also get more storage and processor options and the Retina display brings out vivid and sharp details. A single touch unlocking feature eases the functionality and ensures security. And, you can double boot the device to start using Kali Linux.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.4 inches

Resolution:  2880 x 1800 pixels

Processor: 2.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7

Graphics: Radeon Pro 555X

Storage: 256 GB SSD


Operating System: macOS

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours

Weight: 4.02 pounds


Pros Cons
Sturdy built quality Quite expensive
Longer battery life Not upgradable memory
Sharp retina display
High-fidelity audio
Quiet typing experience

Editor’s Note:

Being a bit on the pricier side, this laptop may not be the ultimate choice for several users. However, you can never go wrong with Apple MacBook Pro 15 which is a great combination of aesthetics and power. It can smoothly run Kali Linux and is just what you need. However, if you are someone who hasn’t really used an Apple product, you may check out the other mentioned laptops for Pen testing and Kali Linux use. It is just the price that might bother you, rest assured, the device is easy on the eyes but hefty on power.

4.ASUS FX503VD Powerful Laptop Review

The ASUS FX503VD is the best laptop for Kali Linux in 2020 that’s intelligently designed and comes from a trustworthy brand name. It’s one of the best laptops on Amazon but is a bit on the expensive side. The FX503 model comes equipped with 7th Gen Intel Core i7 Quad-Core 2.8GHz processor and NVIDIA GeForce 10-Series graphics. It’s powerful, compact, lightweight and a high capacity unit that’s totally worth using for Kali Linux operations. The system comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system and you can double boot the device to run Kali Linux as per your requirements. The built quality is pretty sturdy and is great for long term usage. It will remain cool for most of the time and bring out absolute efficiency. There are certain flaws such as a loud fan, heavier size, and an awkwardly built trackpad, etc., but once you start using the laptop, you’ll get used to all of it. After all, at the end of the day, power matters more than aesthetics. For more information, check out the specs and price on Amazon to make a further informed choice.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Resolution:  1920×1080 pixels

Processor: 3.7 GHz Intel Core i7

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

Storage: 1000 GB Hybrid Drive


Operating System: Windows 10

Battery Life: Up to 4 hours

Weight: 5.1 pounds


Pros Cons
Uber performance
Easy up-gradation Expensive
Intelligent cooling system A bit heavier
Storage expansion available
SSDs better support Kali
Runs fast and smooth
Sleek and lightweight

Editor’s Note:

It’s a really power-efficient laptop for Kali Linux in 2020 that does fairly well for running the related operations. Although on the outside, the laptop feels a bit flimsy with those cheap plastic feel bezels and the overall appearance. But, on the inside, the boot time is really quick, screen resolutions are bright and sharp along with all the warming components put together in a tiny framework. Minimalism has been taken care of, up-gradation is easy and the battery lasts for about 4 hours with heavy usage. However, those minor flaws won’t outweigh the power it comes at and makes it the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting in 2020.

5.Acer Aspire E 15 Review

The Acer Aspire E 15 is the best laptop for Kali Linux in 2020 on Amazon and also offline. It is packed with features that any person would need to smoothly run Kali OS on a laptop. The device is reasonably priced and you can install the OS to start with the necessary security analysis. Also, there aren’t any lags. It’s an affordable choice that comes with 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor along with 8 gigs of RAM and 256 GB blazing fast SSD to run apps without any troubles. On a single charge and moderate use, the laptop is expected to last for about 15 hours which is great. It’s not that portable and feels a bit heavier although that’s pretty much manageable. The touchpad, keyboard and overall built is exceptional. Check out more of its details on Amazon.

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Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Resolution:  1920 x 1080 pixels

Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5

Graphics: MX150

Storage: 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State


Operating System: Windows 10

Battery Life: 15 hours

Weight: 5.27 pounds


Pros Cons
Fast processor Screen issues
Excellent battery life Poor wireless connectivity
Runs quiet and cool
Great built quality
Less bloatware

Editor’s Note:

If you want to purchase a budget laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing in 2020 from Amazon, then this is an affordable and well-crafted device. The screen offers a wide viewing angle and delivers crisp details. The processor allows multitasking, the battery lasts much longer and it’s easily upgradable. This Acer Aspire E 15 laptop for pen testing is an ideal one however some people have observed some kind of connectivity and screen clarity issues. System crashes are also way too often. But, it cannot beat the power you get at this price range. Rest assured, it’s durable and highly recommended.

6.Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop Review

With a quirky design and at par performance, the Acer Predator Helios 300 is an Amazon Choice product. It’s an affordable laptop for Pentesting and Kali Linux operations. The device comes with 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, crystal crisp widescreen display and up to 7 hours of battery life at a single charge. It offers you a lot more than other similar category laptops. The body is made of plastic and lid is aluminum which makes the machine super durable. But, the weight it has doesn’t really make it portable unless you have a proper bag to carry it around.

Coming to the storage options, you get an empty slot for the up-gradation of an SSD or any additional hard drive. What more it comes with is 16 GB DDR4 memory along with 256 GB SSD. Seeing the GTX 1060 6GB VRAM graphics card is pretty rare. It has monstrous speed but only up to 4 or 5 hours on screen time when using Kali as opposed to the 7 hours claimed. It uses Gigabit Wi-Fi, has a backlit keyboard, and comes with a cooling fan and the metallic chassis keeps it travel-friendly. For more information, you can check out the product on Amazon.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Resolution:  1920 x 1080 pixels

Processor: 4.1 GHz Intel Core i7

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

Storage: 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State


Operating System: Windows 10 home

Battery Life: 7 hours

Weight: 5.51 pounds


Pros Cons
Great for gaming Heavy
Amazing boot speed Overheating issues
Faster CPU The display isn’t great
Expandable storage

Editor’s Note:

All of the Predator series comes with a powerful set of hardware that’s configured for gaming and security auditing uses. The Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop is especially helpful. Even in the current year, the model is running as expected. And since it is a beast, the device becomes less portable. The display isn’t really the best in this category but somewhat decent. So, you kind of get some things whereas the laptop also lacks in certain areas. Overall, it’s an affordable and best laptop for Pentesting and using Kali Linux.

7.MSI GP73 Leopard-609 Review

The MSI GP73 Leopard-609 has consecutively been recommended twice by PCMag as the Reader’s Choice laptop. It comes in two different sizes – 15 inches as well as 17 inches. The former supports 8 and 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 1 TB (HDD) and 128 GB (SSD) + 1 TB (HDD) storage option. The other variant comes with 8 and 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 1 TB (HDD) and 256 GB (SSD) + 1 TB (HDD) storage option. The processor is highly efficient offering 8th Gen Intel Core i7 power. Plus, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 makes it totally apt for the operation of Kali Linux. The bandwidth is much higher to run even demanding apps and programs. The screen resolution is quite sharp and vivid. Every bit of the hardware is carefully designed keeping in mind the professional needs. You get all the needed ports, card reader, decent battery life, sturdy built quality, and top-notch performance. It’s a great deal at the price you get it at. Four underneath exhaust vents keep the device cool. So, even though it might be a bit more on the expensive side, you get all the required components.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 17.3 inches

Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels

Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

Storage: 1000 GB mechanical hard drive

RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2666

Operating System: Windows 10

Battery Life: 4 – 6 hours

Weight: 6 pounds


Pros Cons
Easy Upgradability Quite heavy
Great Performance Poor battery life
Great Cooling system
Excellent graphics
Allows personalization

Editor’s Note:

The MSI Leopard is overall a great choice. It is portable, has pretty much no to low flaws, is lightweight and has a lightning-fast speed. Although up-gradation is possible it’s a tedious task. Also, the battery life doesn’t last much longer so you’ll always have to stay near a charging slot. Some reviews on Amazon suggest that it feels a bit bulky although we feel that’s still a manageable part. All in all, it is the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing in 2020.

8.HP Pavilion  Laptop Review

Elegantly designed HP Pavillion 15.6 inches Intel Mobile Quad-Core i5 laptop is amongst the best for Kali OS operations. It comes with a narrow bezel and anti-glare display, 8 GB DDR4 RAM along with 1 TB hard drive storage. Front-firing speakers give you true sound quality. A micro-edge IPS display allows sharper and brighter resolutions. Making no compromises on hardware, it’s a suitable laptop for pentesting in 2020 on Amazon. If you wish to expand the memory on this laptop for an even faster and fluidity experience, you can do so. The manufacturers have suitably taken precautions to cater to heat management. Also, the fans aren’t noisy at all. Although certain things aren’t excellent, it still has decent specs and goes on par with the budget it’s offered at.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Processor: Quad-Core Intel i5 – 8300H

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI

Storage: 1 TB HDD


Operating System: Windows 10

Battery Life: 7.5 hours

Weight: 4.85 pounds


Pros Cons
Stays cool Shorter battery life
Great graphics performance Heating issues
Sleek design
RAM can be expanded


Editor’s Note:

Why do we choose and list gaming laptops for the purpose of running Kali Linux? It is solely for the reason that they can smoothly accommodate dual boot settings and run Linux on your pre-existing hardware. It doesn’t affect your system’s performance and does most of the things. Talking of this HP Pavillion laptop for Pen testing and Kali Linux uses, it comes as a budget-friendly option and is pretty much equipped with the needed hardware and software. Upon moderate use, the battery may last up to 7 hours as promised. However, you simply need to stick around the charging point if there’s heavy usage. The processor allows faster assistance, graphics allowance is also excellent as compared to other similar price range laptops and storage too is best in class.


9.MSI GV62 8RD-200

MSI stands for Micro-Star International Co. which may seem like a lesser-known brand. But, it’s pretty popular amongst hardcore users. Talking of the MSI GV62 8RD-200 laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing, it is an affordable purchase if you are on a tighter budget. And, you may ask, if the laptop cuts on the essential specs for the low price that it comes at, we’ll tell you what all it has to offer. So, you can decide for yourself and make an informed purchase.

The MSI GV62 8RD-200 goes much beyond what most of the current manufacturers are giving out. It certainly has a cutting-edge performance, all thanks to 8th Gen 6 Intel Core processing power. The device speeds up even everyday tasks along with smoothly loading larger files. MSI’s NTSC display powerfully pops up the color and clarity. Glow keys on the keyboard give it an enhanced look. The heating system is perfectly managed to keep the device much cooler on every use. It feels lightweight and is durable enough to last longer. It’s a steal for the specs you get. Some people have had issues but those are unfortunate defects with just a few models which can occur anytime and with any laptop.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels

Processor: 3.9 GHz Intel Core i5

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

Storage: 1000 GB Hybrid Drive


Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: 4 – 6 hours

Weight: 3.09 pounds


Pros Cons
Powerful graphics Not VR ready
Great cooling & Performance Poor battery life
Newer CPU
Thin & lightweight
Amazing display

Editor’s Note:

Talking of the performance of this laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing in 2020, it has excellent details to start with. The display has great viewing angles and the sound quality is genuine however we felt it isn’t too loud. Graphics talk of superior visual performance. The design assures durability. But the battery life isn’t too loved – on heavy use it can last only 4 hours but can go up to 6 hours on moderate use. It is reasonably priced and has great functions. You might have heard of the brand for the first time but it’s the choicest one amongst high-end laptop users.

ASUS TUF Thin & Light Gaming Laptop

ASUS TUF is a thin yet powerful laptop for pen testing in 2020 on Amazon. It’s a mid-ranged machine clocked with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor for a smooth as well as faster performance and multi-tasking. As the manufacturer claims, the laptop surely is power-packed as well as portable. For longer life, it has improved cooling technology. It is in a long time that we’ve seen such a fantastic laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing. Despite the wonderful specs, it’s an underrated one. Speakers are truly genuine, battery life is for about 4-6 hours and the design is pretty professional. The keyboard is very comfortable, anti-dust fans aren’t noisy and it’s a value for money purchase. For more, check out the product description on Amazon.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels

Processor: 3.9 GHz Intel Core i5

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

Storage: 1000 GB Hybrid Drive


Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Battery Life: 4 – 6 hours

Weight: 3.09 pounds


Pros Cons
Good gaming Performance Poor battery life
Very fast wireless Average speakers
Affordable price Loud fans
Great keyboard and trackpad

Editor’s Note:

It has power-efficient hardware that comes with Gigabit Wi-Fi settings, 1TB FireCuda SSHD storage, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card as well as 8 GB DDR4 RAM. Anti-dust dual-fan cooling technology is pretty aggressive. Home theatre kind of audio quality with 7.1 channel surround sound is amazing. Such a machine is ideal for those high-end gamers. However, if you are an ethical hacker and are looking out for a laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting, then this is the one!

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Top Best Laptop Brands for Kali Linux and Pen testing

Choosing the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing setup can initially get a little overwhelming. However, the following are the best brands to get you started on your search. These are trustworthy and go-to manufacturers in the market that offer both high-end as well as budget-friendly machines. You can, without any doubt, rely on systems provided by these brands. Customers have trusted their legacy and several reviewers have given out their opinions too. So, make an informed choice and check out the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pen testing in 2020 on Amazon by these particular brands:


  • Asus
  • Apple
  • HP
  • Acer
  • MSI

If you are more likely to not go for pre-installed Linux systems, the above-mentioned brands are the popular ones and more preferred by a majority of Linux users.


Well, here are the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) pertaining to Kali Linux, its usage, safety as well as functionality. Even if you still have any doubts, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you! Till then, these FAQs would help you better…


i) Is Kali Linux safe to use?

When people assume hacking and stealing data is synonymous with Kali Linux, that’s not true. Let us clearly tell you, Kali Linux isn’t a black magic tool (we don’t promote that either) to get to someone’s personal/ confidential data or for cracking the work. Those who do can even use the notepad program to crack the topmost security networks. So, it’s not the platform to blame but the intentions that make such operating systems safe or unsafe. Kali is an incredibly advanced Linux Distro that’s purely developed for the purpose of vulnerability analysis or fair penetration testing. So, being a networking tool makes it absolutely safe to use.


Just a few things to be careful for makes it even safer:

  • Be sure you are downloading the genuine software from Kali official website
  • To first understand its basics we recommend using virtual machines
  • Be aware of the sophisticated phishing scams and not fall for any of those
  • Scan with Check Rootkit or Rootkit Hunter when installing the OS to prevent any local exploits
  • Also, check with ClamAV to detect any malicious software

ii) Is Kali Linux illegal?

To be honest, Kali Linus is just another operating system and it does not violate any laws or rules and regulations. It’s a fair and independent means of providing the user with a platform that is usable on a much-advanced level. If the information is uncovered in an honest manner, it is absolutely safe. However, using Kali Linux just to earn some street credibility is not a great idea. It is just a regular operating system that does a bit more than the normal stuff. It is basically a set up for security auditors or consultants.

Going further, understand it in this way – we know that knives are all about chopping, cutting, slicing and related stuff. However, we’ve also heard how some people would use them to stab or injure others. But, does that make knives illegal? Of course not! Knives are used in the preparation of food so it is actually the intention of using it otherwise that counts as illegal.

Similarly, Kali Linux is a legitimate tool. Knowledgeable people know how even hacking and related tasks are possible. But what’s illegal is cracking into the data and misusing the tool. The operating system is free to install and use. You can choose from one of the best laptops for Kali Linux for trying it out yourself. However, using the platform for not so obvious reasons and the intention behind (hacking without one’s permission) is what counts as an illegal activity.

iii) Is Kali better than Ubuntu?

Kali Linux vs Ubuntu: Both Ubuntu and Kali are Debian based open-source Linux distributions. Assuming that one is better than the other is like concluding that a dentist (in this case Kali) is better a general physician (Ubuntu in this case). In simple terms, Kali Linux is a special purpose OS whereas Ubuntu is a general-purpose OS. So, you need to decide for yourself, which is your preferred system. It is always essentially the purpose behind using any of these operating systems that determine which one is better. Here are a few differences between the two so you can understand what’s what:


  • Purpose

Kali Linux – Ethical hacking and penetration testing

Ubuntu – User-friendly computer functionality

  • Mobile Support

Kali Linux – Can support mobile operations

Ubuntu – Can be a replacement to Android

  • Architecture

Kali Linux – Linux Kernel

Ubuntu – Ubuntu Architecture

  • Environment

Kali Linux – GNOME

Ubuntu – Utility

  • UI (User-Interface)

Kali Linux – Less (common) user-friendly and more advanced

Ubuntu – More user-friendly and can also be used by beginners

  • Dependency Injection

Kali Linux – Yes

Ubuntu – Yes, also allows customization

  • Speed

Kali Linux – Nominal

Ubuntu – Slower than Kali Linux

  • Structure

Kali Linux – Based on Debian

Ubuntu – Open source based on Debian

iv) What are some useful tools in Kali Linux?

  • Metasploit – It is a tool used for post-exploitation purposes to enumerate a network
  • NMap and Netcat – Can search for open network ports
  • Wireshark – Looks out for activities in Internet Protocol, ICMP or Transmission Control Protocol, etc.
  • Wpscan – Can find WordPress flaws
  • Burpsuite – is a penetration testing tool
  • OWASP ZAP – Used for Spidering

There are so many more similar tools to make security auditing processes much easier. Once you start using the OS is when you’ll see what all it offers.

v) Can I install Kali Linux on Android?

Yes, you can do that on a rooted device. Let us know in the comments below if you’d want a proper tutorial for the same. The steps aren’t too comprehensive – you just need a suitable device and a basic understanding of how it all works.

vi) Do I have to specially install the drivers on Kali Linux?

Most of the drivers are already available on your computer. So, in a majority of cases, Kali Linux OS will automatically detect this and use the appropriate ones accordingly. However, if it’s otherwise and certain manufacturer drivers are closed-source, you may have to manually enable those for your OS to bundle with. Proprietary drivers, printer-configuration and a few other hardware/ software packages are usually the ones you’ll have to particularly work on.

vii) Why is Kali Linux a hacker’s paradise?

There are two kinds of hackers, white hat and black/ grey hat hackers. Creators solely develop such systems for the benefit of people. But, there always are some goons breaking the rules. They prefer invading into one’s confidential space without proper consent than legally helping people out. Therefore, systems like Kali Linux that are with fully customizable tools help save time and effort that may otherwise go in coding and testing manually while testing cybersecurity. Check out the advantages mentioned-above to know what all it can help with.

viii) Should I learn Kali Linux for hacking?

No. You don’t really have to grasp the use of an OS to learn hacking and other similar stuff. You gradually get a hang of all the coding stuff as well as the tools that may give you an insight into the virtual security systems. When you get tired of configuring, installing and coding, you might consider downloading Kali to further enhance your knowledge and test your skills for the next level. And as we’ve said earlier, a hacker’s expertise isn’t restricted to an OS. He/she can even prove their capabilities on a windows laptop with a notepad tool and the ones incapable won’t even understand the pre-installed tools of Kali which are somewhat advanced than the beginners level.

ix) Can I run Kali Linux on Windows?

Yes, you can. It is possible to run Kali on Windows through an app available on the Microsoft store. Check out the Kali Linus official website to successfully install the same within no time.

x) Can I run Kali Linux on Apple?

With the right Linux Distro, you can install the OS even on an Apple machine. In fact, these also contain several features that are unique to them and aren’t found on other PCs or laptops.

xi) Is Kali trustworthy?

For some people, considering Kali Linux OS trustworthy is questionable since it has tools or packages developed by hackers or other security personnel. However, the audience must understand that the word hacker is just another buzzword that somehow got into the wrong light. But, why do hackers have a bad reputation? It is due to our ignorance and also because of negative media culture. However, hackers are basically computer enthusiasts and not criminals. They put in more than 100% of an effort to acquaint themselves with the relevant technology. Hackers aren’t crackers, hence Kali isn’t black magic. These platforms were created to simplify the lives of a few specialized experts. But, it is the intention that led a few the other way.

xii) How would Kali run on pre-installed OS systems?

Since the OS is lightweight in nature, it’s an ideal candidate for a dual-boot setup. This means you are basically partitioning your system (essentially the hard drive) dedicating the other part to Linux. So, you can switch amongst the two OS based on particular needs.

xiii) Would partitioning affect my warranty?

Unfortunately, it can. You need to be very careful and check for the explicit warnings laid down by the laptop manufacturer beforehand. Usually, their paperwork includes everything. When buying a laptop for Pentesting and Kali Linux use from Amazon, make sure you contact the manufacturer or check out the reviews/ QNAs to avoid negative circumstances.

xiv) Are Linux ready laptops good to go for?

You may anytime choose to buy a Linux ready laptop and avoid partitioning along with saving on the budget. There are tedious efforts put into setting up such systems. However, these laptops are a bit limited in terms of hardware and other straight out of the box customizations. So, choose wisely!

Final Words for …

We know what a pain it is to choose the best laptop for Kali Linux and Pentesting especially when all of the systems are to be dual booted for the purpose. However, with all the information above, we’ve made sure that you do not miss out on anything before buying your very own machine. According to our detailed research and analysis, we have curated the list of top 5 best laptops for pen-testing (reviews) here. So, in no particular order, our top picks are Acer Aspire E 15, MSI GV62 8RD-200, Acer Predator Helios 300, ASUS TUF as well as the Apple MacBook Pro. For those high-end professional needs where budget isn’t a constraint but the quality is the priority, then Apple MacBook Pro 15 can be your ultimate choice. However, if the budget is tight, you can easily choose from any other affordable laptops. No matter what, in the end, it comes down to your personal preferences while buying a laptop for Pentesting and Kali Linux.

So, we hope you find the article helpful and make an informed purchase.

Do leave us a comment in case you still have any doubts.

Happy shopping!




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