Do Not Disturb For Chrome Blocks Annoying Things Around The Web

Chrome is a very secured browser, but some of the malwares and adwares in harmful websites can compromise the security of the browser. That’s why we have plenty of security extensions and applications available for Chrome. We’ve discussed about many security extensions, which alerts the user for security threats and protects user privacy while surfing on the Internet. Today I’ve come with a new security extension called “Do Not Disturb”, which lets you block all the annoying security threats in your browser.


You can download Do Not Disturb extension from the Chrome Web Store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you can  see the “DND” icon near to your URL bar. Click that icon to see what are all the security protections available in the extension and what are all the threats blocked from that particular site. The first option will enable or disable the extension in that particular site. If you don’t want to block ads or pop-ups from that particular site, you can disable the extension using the first option, but it will work normally on other sites.


To access more options of the extension, right click on the “DND” icon and select “Options”. The first option in the “Settings” page lets you enable or disable the extension from your browser. In the next option, you can enable or disable “Content Widgets” alone for all the websites you visit. Developers who work in different web applications, need this content widget to be enabled. So, those people can enable this Content Widget and rest of security features will work normally. In the third option, you can add a list of websites to White List, to disable the extension in those particular websites.

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In Chrome, there is a private browsing mode called “Incognito Mode”, where all the installed extension will be disabled by default. If you want to enable “DND” even in private browsing mode, go to “Settings -> Extensions -> Do Not Disturb” and select “Allow in Incognito” to enable it. It is a must have security extension for all types of users. Try the extension in your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Do Not Disturb Extension for Chrome



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