What is the Perfect Shopify Banner Size for the Homepage Slideshow?


Shopify Slider Slideshow Size Large

Sliders or slideshows are very good for increasing user engagement. Of course, customers are able to see the product from different angles and view various products.

This article will provide the necessary information on what should be the Shopify Banner Size for the Homepage Slideshow.

What is Slideshow on Shopify?

A slider is essentially a slideshow on your Shopify store. It can be automated (it starts playing automatically based on rules) or manual (it only moves when users click on it).

It is essential to understand that it is always possible to change the size of the Shopify Simple Theme banner smoothly. A few simple steps need to be followed to do this. Right after that, it would be easy to resize the banner. It’s worth noting that this can help you get enough visibility for your store.

What is Perfect Size for Shopify Banner?

Let’s check out the legal slideshow sizes you can create on Shopify. First of all, when it comes to slideshows, they should be 980 to 1920 pixels wide and 600 to 1200 pixels high. Without any doubt, it is desirable to apply the aspect ratio of 3:2, 4:3, or 16:9. If we talk about images, then the best size for them is 1080px by 1920px in order not to lose quality. It is also advised not to embed photos larger than 2500 pixels wide. Also, do not forget about the image format that we use for the slideshow; it can be jpeg, png, or gif. First of all, you need to change the names of the images. You can use “.jpg”, “.png”, or “.gif” as file extensions. Canva is a familiar app these days. The important point here is to set the appropriate dimensions, such as the width and height of the slideshow image, to the same dimensions as the theme of your Shopify store.

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There are some standards that can ensure that a Shopify slideshow will look great on any device. For instance:

  • a width of 960 pixels;
  • a height of 720px.

It is possible to make adjustments when it comes to image sizes for Shopify slideshows. Intermittently, Shopify slider images become 1500px or 2000px wide, which is kind of the standard. Also, it is important to remember that none of these sizes are currently popular or ideal when it comes to sliders and microsites. Keep in mind that customers should constantly look out for alternative solutions.

It is worth understanding that if we create a slideshow that has a width of 1200 pixels, this can certainly be a wonderful basis for various sites. We also need to understand that we are able to implement such a width in pixels when we are dealing with various wallets, channel subscriptions, and other small screens. It’s worth noting that since we have a minimum required width of 1200px, we’re able to set the size of the slider fairly easily.

Points to Consider When Setting Slider Size

An important point when setting the size is the current screen area. Also, it can be done quickly by simply doubling or multiplying by 4 (2400 pixels). Working with different sizes of images has become easier. This is because there are a lot of experienced professionals who provide graphic design services and can help solve any problem. For example, suppose you need an image that is approximately 2000 or 3000 pixels wide or more for your Shopify slideshow. In that case, you always have the option of using the services of an experienced professional. This is wonderful because you will not waste your time on this. Certain specialists will do this. Now, this is a very popular service, as it is in demand. In order to somehow distinguish themselves from others, they have already begun introducing Photoshop or other high-quality software. It’s worth noting that this kind of slideshow is capable of having images that are in turn capable of being 4-5 times as wide as other fairly standard Shopify slideshow images-only 12,000 pixels!

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Of course, a good product image size for Shopify is not the only thing that will make your products sell, but it is certainly one of the most important ones. So, following the tips above will help to offer online visitors a smooth and engaging browsing experience.



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