How to Easily Drown Out Other Sounds with ‘SimplyNoise’

One of the many uses of white noise is to help people focus and relax. By drowning out other distracting sounds, white noise can do an excellent job of helping you focus on the task at hand or of helping you relax and fall asleep. To listen to white (and other types of) noise, check out a web app called SimplyNoise.

SimplyNoise generates various kinds of noise that drowns out other sounds. In addition to generating three different kinds of noise, the app supports oscillations in the noise volume and offers a sleep timer.

SimplyNoise 1

When you visit the app’s homepage, you find a main slider under the site’s logo; this is basically a volume bar that you can move towards the left or right to decrease or increase the noise volume. As you move the slider, its current volume is shown as a percentage of the maximum volume above the speaker icon in the app’s logo.

SimplyNoise 2

By default, SimplyNoise generates white noise. However, other kinds of noise can be generated too; namely, you can shift to pink noise or brown noise from the default white noise. To do this, click on the appropriate circular button in the top right of the app’s interface. The buttons are colored according to their noise type. A noise type label also appears when you place the mouse pointer over these buttons.

SimplyNoise 3

If you want to introduce randomization into the volume of the noise, you can turn on oscillations. With the oscillations enabled, the volume slider will begin oscillating and the noise volume will gradually increase and decrease. The speed of these fluctuations can be changed by repeatedly clicking the oscillations button.

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SimplyNoise 4

The built in Sleep Timer will be particularly useful for people using the app to fall asleep. The last circular button on the right lets you set a time duration for which the app will keep on playing the noise. Once the timer runs out, the noise will no longer be produced.

SimplyNoise 5

As you can see from the features above, SimplyNoise is a breeze to use. Its simple controls and various noise types will help anybody who needs to listen to white / pink / brown noise. The Sleep Timer is a valuable component of the site – one that will be useful to majority of the users. Overall, SleepyNoise is a user friendly application that does what it says perfectly.

You can check out SimplyNoise from over here.



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