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Security is one of the major concerns when we transfer files on the Internet. That’s why we have an option called “Encryption” for secured file sharing. There are lots of apps available to encrypt files and send it online. Previously I wrote about a web app which offers temporary file storage with group sharing option. Today I came with an app called “”, to quickly encrypt the confidential files. Unlike other applications, there are no complex process or plenty of steps to encrypt your file. Just upload your file, get a password and share the link. You don’t even need to log in for sharing the file.


To start with, go to the website and choose the file you need to upload. You can upload any type of file for encryption. Based on the file size, the encryption time will differ in the application. Once the file upload is complete, it will generate two different URLs and a password for secured file sharing. In the first URL, it contains both the file name and password in it. You will see “p=” and a combination of alphabets and numbers is the password to decrypt that particular file.


So, if you send that URL, you don’t need to send the  password separately. If you think that is not safe, you can choose the second URL, which contains only the file link and you can send the password separately. It is up to you to decide which URL to share with the person on the other side. The password will be available on the same box below. Also there will be advanced options to do some tweaks on the encrypted file sharing.

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When you click “Advanced Options” below the file upload, it will show you three important options. The first text box contains the password. If you want to change the password, you can do it there but make sure the password you assign is a strong one. Below the password box, there will be two list boxes under the category of “Delete After”. The app lets you self-destruct the files, based on number of views and days. By default, the person at the other end can see the file only one time and it will be deleted automatically. You can change this in that box and choose after how many views the files should be deleted.

The file self destruction is not offered by most of the web apps which offer file encryption. Even if the person doesn’t see the link you’ve shared, the file will be deleted automatically in the number of days you’ve assigned. By default it will be 7 days, you can change that in the advanced options. If you are a regular user of encrypted file transfers, Securesha. re is a very useful app for you. Try this and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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