Friendsheet: Browse Facebook Photos Just Like Pinterest

Facebook is a highly popular online social network where people share photo updates every minute. Often the most interesting updates on the network are photo updates and most users log onto the site simply to check out the photos. For such users, Facebook’s interface could do with some major revamping. The native interface was not intended for photo-only browsing which makes many of the interface design choices inconvenient for people who visit Facebook only for photographs.

If you are one of the people who visit Facebook only for the images, then you should check out a web app called Friendsheet.

Friendsheet is a free to use web application that provides a superior image-viewing interface for Facebook photos. When you visit Friendsheet’s website, you are asked to login to the site using your Facebook account.

FriendSheet 1

Once you have logged in, you are able to view all the photo updates available to your Facebook account. Images appear as a collage of thumbnail images with number of likes, comments, and shares shown under them; you can even see a few image comments under these thumbnails.

FriendSheet 2

To enlarge an image, you simply click on its thumbnail and you are given its full size view. The Like and commenting panel is placed to the right of the image so that your image’s view is not obstructed.

FriendSheet 3

By default you are given a view of all the updates; these include image updates from your friends, yourself, and the pages you have liked. You can choose to filter the thumbnail images that appear. You can view image updates by only your friends or yourself.

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FriendSheet 4

You can upload your own images as well through Friendsheet, by pointing to an image stored on your computer and then typing up a caption for them.

FriendSheet 5

In conclusion, Friendsheet is a must-have application for people who visit Facebook for its photo updates.

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