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  • haha

    #8: view source is CTRL+U not CTRL+Y

  • Paul Trinque

    How to delete a tab in Goggle Chrome

  • Altered

    Ctrl+K same Ctrl+E

  • Altered

    Ctrl+L same Alt+D

  • ‘d ui

    Space to scroll down.
    Alt + mouse wheel scroll to change font size
    Alt + mouse wheel to left or right (supported by newer mice) to scroll back & forth in history

  • sanders

    CTRL+W close Google Chrome Window:
    No: Close Tab!

  • Madhu

    How to undo the closed tab.

  • Sam

    Undo closed Tab: same as in Firefox: CTRL+SHIFT+T

  • Jesus

    CTRL+0 to set font size back to default

  • I have read many articles on google chrome for the past two hours. Could you plz let me know how to deleate the bookmarks from the google chrome. I am not be able to deleate the bookmark list.

  • p1

    How to toggle between tabs .. as Alt + Tab helps to toggle between 2 windows

  • p1

    Yahoo mail just hangs up in google chrome … it never works .. !!

  • Jerry

    Yahoo mail just hangs for me too! What a pain.

  • p1

    Is this something introduced to promote gmail ??

    btw .. can any1 answer this question of mine ..

    How to toggle between tabs .. as Alt + Tab helps to toggle between 2 windows?

  • Jene

    1. to toggle between tabs — ctrl + tab

    2. if u type in a conversion query (e.g 8 kilometres in metres) in the address bar, DONT press enter, and wait for a few seconds, the answer comes out..

    3. i hear there is a calculator function in the address bar too.. anybody know?

  • p1

    Thnks for the comment , but ctrl + tab just browses thr all the tabs and does not toggles back and forth between past and present tab ?

  • Ya, big pain. No close tab shortcut?

  • Alvin

    Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to previous tab

  • sucharitha

    Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 – Switch to the tab at the specified position number. The number you press represents the position of the tab on the tab strip.

  • sucharitha

    Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab

  • Steve

    Alt + mouse wheel scroll to change font size

    works with Ctl, not Alt for me

  • Becky

    This is wonderfully useful! Thanks!

  • thihamyanmar

    should have clear browsing data shortcut

  • Ahamed Kamal

    Ctrl+ Any Number: to switch that particular Tab (Works with Mozilla)

  • Kumar Siddhartha

    CTRL + W – Close the current tab

  • sonia

    Try this:
    Switch to next tab: ctrl+pgdn
    Switch to previous tab: ctrl+pgup

  • Yvonneybm

    Thank You!! I was looking for one thing and now I got a whole list of shortcuts, as I’m getting more and more into chrome these will be very handy!

  • Notreal

    Most of these work fine with Firefox as well, although private browsing is Ctrl + Shift + P

  • Crtl – Page Up or Page down to go through many tabs

  • Karimkholief

    I need shortcut to switch between the opened tabs.

  • someone

    CTRL + SHIFT + T reopens closed tab. press multiple times and reopens less recently closed tabs.

  • websonalized

    How to toggle between Chrome windows (note, not tabs but rather the windows of chrome itself) Thank you for list, very useful