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Abhinav Prakash

Abhinav Prakash

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  • Excellent Tips Collection!
    I’ve compiled a list of best 7 tips for speed up latest firefox 3. Hope the readers find that helpful too.

  • Jordanwakefield

    Like what you said, I agree that pipelining is one of the most effective ways to speed up firefox. Aside from this method, we can speed up firefox by getting the latest patches available. Setting time for automatic updates when you’re sleeping or while you’re computer is idle is another great idea to reduce the amount of interference to your web browsing tasks. Here I found a similar post, with additional tips to enable a faster firefox browser.

  • Are there any dangers in doing this? If it does make the browser why isn’t the browser released with these settings?

  • Z.

    I tried… And my firefox is slower than ever… It reminds me of IE bugs… Horrible…
    Do you know how to reset the firefox config, and remove the new variables I created too, please ?

  • Jason

    It worked awesome for me, thanks!

  • Leelitw

    Your tips are great !

    After adjusting, my firefox runs and responses quickly.

    Thank you very much!